OP/ED Op-Eds: Secret Base 10 Years After Version [Anohana]

Classic idol band Zone is scheduled to play their final concert this Sunday, but rather than getting into the details of their history and breakup I thought now would be the right time to talk about their most popular song. “Secret Base (Kimi ga Kureta Mono)” was a big hit for the group when it first released all the way back in 2001, but anime fans these days will recognize it as the ending theme of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.


More specifically it’s the “10 Years After Version” that closes each episode, but really the only difference is the song is performed by the series’ lead voice actresses. And really no changes were necessary, as few songs have ever fit as well as “Secret Base” works with Anohana. The song’s nostalgic, emotional tone and lyrics about watching fireworks and meeting ten years later almost sound like the writers heard the song and decided to make an anime about it. Add in the fact that that anime aired almost exactly ten years after the song debuted and you really do have a perfect match.

Even though it looks like Zone is calling it quits for good this time, it’s cool to see their work will live on with a new generation of fans, particularly with a new Anohana movie due this summer. With songs as lovely as “Secret Base” it’s not hard to see why.

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