Chihayafuru 2 Episode 12


Recap: We’re given a lot of backstory that i suppose would help if Megumu was going to be a recurring character, but she’s still just an opponent at this point so Idno why we have to know so much about her.

Once again, instead of actually getting down to a full game of karuta, we get another taste of the life of the people our team is playing. I know this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since at this point there aren’t a whole lot of tricks or situations that Chihayafuru can throw at us, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit cheated after we basically got a glossing over for what was the quarter-final match. I guess the big joke to take out of it is that this unassuming girl is really just a cocky sadist who already has the makings of her own dominatrix club.


I’d be in such a better position to sympathize with this girl’s struggle to become the next queen after her crushing loss the year before. Unfortunately, that’s all pretty much neutralized by her terrible personality. Nothing in the way she treats Mizusawa or Hokuo makes me want to like her at all. At least this does give the proper drive to really make me want to see Chihaya just mop the floor with her and show how much she’s grown as well.

Oh well, with that out of the way I’m confident the next episode will be all about the battle of the aces. Even with my limited knowledge of sports show tropes, I’m almost completely sure Mizusawa’s gonna win this one. Still, this show has proven our heroes are far from invincible. Either way, it should be a good fight.


2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 12

  1. I hope misuzawa wins!! I agree with you I hate Megumu’s horrible personality and whats even more frustrating is the way the audience treats Misuzawa as an easy win school! They pay no attention to their match and instead see Houko vs. Fujisaka as a real final. Its like they have already decided in their minds that Misuzawa is going to loose!! ahhh!! They better win. I really want to see the audience’s faces when Misuzawa wins!!! haha

  2. I think Megumu is there to be Chihaya’s mirror, and someone that Chihaya pays forward to.

    The first season was all about Chihaya getting hammered in unexpected ways, and then learning from the defeat.

    This is part of the in-show mythos of Karuta, and having Chihaya be the one to deliver such a lesson helps establish her own progress, and her willingness to contribute positively to Karuta society…

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