First Impressions: Fantasista Doll


Alternate titles: Fantajisuta Dōru
Manga adaptation by Hoods Entertainment
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: A young girl with a love for card battles become a part of some dangerous card game. The game involves summoning human like dolls and equipping them for combat.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Has Potential

This setup feels like Fate/Stay Night to me. Fate/Stay Night with magical card holders instead of seals and multiple servants. There seems to be a neat dymanic in the form of capturing cards. I would like to see more on how taking cards from other masters works. The injury the one servent takes her arm doesn’t heal which could make this whole story much more brutal than it is at first glance. Also LOL at her teacher showing up and acting like Tuxedo Mask. At least I assume that was the teacher. I enjoyed this first episode though it honestly wasn’t that special. I see some potential in this premise and that makes me want to stick it out.


Jel’s Verdict: Manufactured to Specifications

I have to disagree with Lifesong’s Fate/Stay Night comparison. The whole doll card summoning setup just felt like window dressing on a Magical Girl show. We instantly have a cast of colorful girls who will undoubtedly have their own special powers, and our main girl is essentially their secret real life identity. I mean Tuxedo Mask even showed up, I’m sure that wasn’t coincidence. In fact if it wasn’t for the skin tight base outfits and the random need for the dolls to take a bath, I’d think think this was a show for pre teen girls. Maybe it will take a slightly darker turn as the story progresses, but as it is I can’t see Fantisista Doll being more than totally average.


Iro’s Verdict: Discount Product

It’s perhaps telling that when I opened up the post to add my bit, I could only remember the slightest details about this show. There were human-sized dolls that fought and got powers through cards? I seem to remember not being annoyed while watching the show, but that only means it’s inoffensive and unmemorable. Unfortunately, being unmemorable is one of the worst sins a show can commit – if I can’t remember what happened, then there’s no point for me to keep watching. This might have potential, but unless it can make itself more interesting quick then it doesn’t stand a chance.

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