First Look: Recently, My Sister is Unusual


Alternate titles: Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashii n da ga; Lately, My Little Sister has been a Bit Strange; Stupid Imouto Anime #158262395; That One With The Ghostly Chastity Belt; ImoCho
Manga Adaptation by Project No.9
Simulcast on Crunchyroll


A girl is possessed by a ghost who wants to bone her older brother. Creepy stuff ensues.

Iro’s Verdict: NOPE

Full disclosure here: I read part of the manga back when I rolled this for Random Manga Theatre back in February, and I was still unprepared for this show’s sheer badness. It’s boring, and when it’s not boring it makes me actively uncomfortable. The ghost literally rapes Misaki! I mean, what the hell? How does this even air on television? As I said last year, there are better options for both ghost porn and little sister porn, so there is literally no reason to subject yourself to this horrible, terrible shit. This is literally one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Jel’s Verdict: Lock This Away Forever

I’ll leave the more obvious verbal thrashing this show deserves to my colleagues who are much better at hyperbole than I am. What I want to mention is I was disturbed how seriously they took all of this. I mean they had a scene with the teacher explaining that incest used to be OK in ancient Japan, like the show’s message is trying to justify the Imouto craze or something. Even loathsome shows like OniAi have the (in)decency to carry out their proceedings with a wink and a nod, but in this case the implication that we should be in agreement with all of this only amplifies how disgusting this episode is.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Objectively Awful

Imocho is what happens when a romcom is played seriously and something meant to titillate is censored so heavily the purpose feels lost. I honestly felt like this first episode wasn’t trying to be funny and it failed at being dramatic. All that leaves is the erotic side of things which felt half baked because of all the censorship. To top it off there is a RAPE scene in the middle of the episode so it’s also offensive without doing anything else particularly well. There is a degree to which an anime can get away with being sexy by teasing the audience, but this isn’t a tease, we know exactly what happened and they simply skipped most of the “action”. I can’t help feeling the purpose for this kind of storytelling is lost on all the censorship and with it any respect I might have for it even as something entirely trashy.


Zigg’s Verdict: The Worst of Both Worlds

This show achieves the somewhat impressive feat of failing on two entirely distinct levels – it’s both a terrible television show and a moral outrage. It’s a terrible television show because it’s boring, uninspired, ugly as heck and generic as sin. Nothing about it inspires – the animation is bad, the characters are barely characters, just spewing cliches out of their mouths endlessly, and the artwork is aggressively mediocre. There clearly wasn’t a scrap of effort, enthusiasm or inspiration present.

As for the moral outrage, I shouldn’t really have to say anything about that, should I? This show depicts the onscreen rape of a minor and expects us to be titillated by it. It’s disgusting, scummy and completely unacceptable, and the kind of horrible shit that ensures anime is still looked down upon as a collection of lowlife pornography. I hate that I watched this and I hate that it exists. In conclusion…


Timmy’s Verdict: The Hell Did I Just Watch

Seriously. If you guys are going to do this shit go the OVA route so you can do it semi properly. Or just make it a damn hentai and be done with it.

Gee’s Verdict: Let’s Never Speak of This Again

Look, there isn’t much to say here. This show was fucking terrible. It started off terrible, it continued to be terrible, and it ended terribly. Between the hilariously bad censorship, the immensely questionable content, and the utterly baffling ED, I can only make vague assumptions about what the studio was thinking when they made this. I guess making a girl hold her pee in for an hour is supposed to be funny and/or arousing. I don’t know, if you’re into that sorta thing, you should probably seek help. Otherwise, while I am never going to watch another episode of this ever again, this show didn’t offend me on the level of say, Diabolik Lovers or something. That said, if you want incest, lesbians, or ghost sex, lemme tell you, there are much better venues than this.


Marlin’s Thoughts: What is Wrong With These People?

Everything is wrong about this show. Everything. The art direction, the story, the comedy, a basic sense of common decency, all laid to ruin before the pestilent tumor that is Imocho. I was warned before watching this. Warned, but I did not heed, for I had in myself the foolhardy notion that I had seen the worst anime could throw at me. I had witnessed its Elfen Lied. I have endured its Diabolik Lovers. However nothing, save the grace of God Almighty himself, could have rescued me from what I was about to watch. Never has a show been so boring, so unentertaining, and most importantly so unnerving as Imocho. It’s the kind of anime that reminds you why people who watch anime are still stigmatized today. Please, if you have any love for anime, stay away. It is that last of plagues, once denied man but now given form, complete and utter despair.

Aqua’s Verdict: Gaze Into The Abyss

I will not even deign to waste a single word on this trash.


2 thoughts on “First Look: Recently, My Sister is Unusual

  1. Ok this comment has no relation to the anime in question but where did that kamen rider ooo gif come from. That’s gotta one of the best kamen rider ooo reactions I’ve seen since the one when his bike wouldn’t transform.

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