Your Lie In April Episode 7

april7c Recap

The day of the big recital finally comes. Kaori gives Kousei some much needed pep-talks before the big day, but he still has his doubts. His trauma manifests into a new form as he remembers an old pet his mother took away. Meanwhile, the two no-names from the end of last episode finally make their presence known as Kousei’s rivals. Will Kousei have the ability to match their expectations?

Kousei’s problems just keep piling up. I understand that children have a certain amount of attachment to their parents no matter what, but the more we learn about Kousei’s mother the harder it is to imagine he was so on her side. I suppose something can be said for dependency, but Arima has even told us his father is still alive, why would he still have desperately clung to his mother’s attention despite the way she treated him? I feel this is still the final barrier Kousei needs to come to terms with before he’ll be able to put the past behind him.


It’s hard not to become more endeared to Kaori as this show goes on. Now that she better understands Kousei, her actions have become much softer. She still ropes him around like a crazy person, but it seems she understands that Kousei needs encouragement more than anything. This endeavor she’s flung him into is getting over his head. Right now, he’s the only one who has the power to keep him level as he tries to balance practicing and fighting his demons. I hope this trial doesn’t take too much out of Kousei, as I know that would only make Kaori beat herself up even more for forcing him into it.


I’m a bit interested in the new duo the more we see of them. They seem to be awfully close for just being rival piano players. It may just be because how cute they look together, but I wonder if they are in a relationship already. Being a former musician myself, I understand the idea of wanting to treat your peers as rivals to be fought. Still, I can only imagine this first competition ending in disaster for Arima. He’s been out of practice for too long, and their expectation of him is unreasonably high It’s a bit of a shame we’ll have to wait for next episode to hear them play, but I can understand wanting to firmly set up their characters if they’re going to be brought into the supporting cast.

2 thoughts on “Your Lie In April Episode 7

  1. The two new antagonists, are they?, are very interesting. I didn’t get the impression of a ship between them but you could be right.

    It seems a common thread in anime that the father is almost entirely, or very close to, absent from a protags life. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it but is this a cultural “Live to work” kind of thing?

    Kaori development is a delight. I wonder if people who dropped it because of the questionable bullying might pick it up again? There’s no way Kousei’s perforance will be anything less than a disaster, i think. Unless listening to the new duo’s style show him the light

    • I think he’s gonna fail, but probably just because he can’t play as well as he used to. I can’t imagine he’s gonna totally bomb it, as that would mean he hasn’t grown at all since the panic attack at the violin recital.

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