Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 14



With Sekai’s evolution as a gunpla fighter proving to be too great of a strain for the Build Burning, Team Try Fighters resolves to improve and upgrade all their gunpla in preparation for their arrival to the national scene. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse at some of the opponents that will stand in their way.

Now that the end of year and First Look posts have been squared away, it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled Gundam rambling!

Gee’s Thoughts

It seems that even after three episodes of narrative prep, it’s still not enough to push Try into its main plot. While I can’t say it’s been terrible, I kind of wish they would have jumped into the nationals tournament quicker. Considering how little character development actually occurred in the past few episodes, I’m rather confident that it could have been cut into just two episodes. It makes it somewhat more insulting when the actual building of their mid-season upgrades is literally relegated to a two-minute montage, instead of getting an entire episode like it deserves. The upgrades themselves are about what you’d expect from a kid’s show. They’re a step up from the Build Strike’s “upgrades,” they still feel like Bandai just needed to milk a few more kits from the preexisting molds they already have. Understandable, but a shame nonetheless.


As for their future opponents, they’re not a whole ton better. The primary issue right from the get go is that Try may very well be the biggest anti-Zeon work I have ever seen. Fans love to complain about “Zeon-wank” in various Gundam series, and while it’s an understandable complaint about certain entries, Try goes too far in the other direction. With the exception of the White Wolf team and its excellent custom Zakus, every single notable opponent is using some kind of Gundam. Unlike last season, where we at least got the Kampfer Amazing and the K9 Sniper, there isn’t a single notable grunt suit to be found in this season’s lineup. This isn’t a mark against the quality of the show itself, but as a guy whose gunpla collection has about a 3:1 ratio of grunts to main suits, I can’t help but be kind of miffed. Despite that, between Sakai’s insane super robot Gundam and the creepy triplets’ SD Commandos, we might still have a couple interesting fights on the horizon.


That said, I must absolutely point out how pleasant it is to see the Jegan make its glorious return, however brief. It’s obvious that (the ridiculously named) Lucas Nemesis is the same kid from the first season whose grandfather sponsored Aila’s team in an attempt to win him a trophy. Now a gunpla battler in his own right, it was charming to see him use the same suit that Aila herself used to prove her battle prowess. Also, the Jegan is the best grunt suit in the entire Gundam franchise. I’ll fight you if you say otherwise. Sadly the new OP already reveals that Lucas will be likely fielding some variation of the Crossbone Gundam in the tournament itself, but I suppose if you’re going to oversaturate us with Gundams, it might as well be one of the coolest in the franchise.

Still, with all the pieces finally in place, hopefully Try will be picking up soon enough. The best parts of the first season were mostly at the big tournament, so here’s hoping Try will be similar in that regard.

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