Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 16

parasyte16b Recap

Shinichi starts his battle with Miki. After some quick thinking, they use their environment and their observations to launch a successful counter attack. Little do they know, Miki is not the alpha Parasyte in that body. In fact the Juggernaut I’d been waiting for was inside of him all along. Driven to his limits, Shinichi goes into hiding.

The Miki fight was absolutely thrilling to watch. Finally, our duo faced an opponent with a severe advantage over them. Fights always shine when characters use their heads to work around their disadvantages. Despite being oppressively powerful creatures, the Parasytes still have weaknesses, and knowing this allows Migi and Shinichi to think fast on their feet. All of this flies out of the window when Miki’s true identity is revealed. I always assumed the Juggernaut had other multi-Parasytes under his cadre, I didn’t think to connect Miki and the Juggernaut as being one and the same. Seeing the effortless control over his body ramped up the tension that much more, and brought some cool and innovative uses of the Parasyte’s morphing abilities. I hope we get to see more of this in the eventual rematch.

parasyte16cWhat I love about this show is how, while it still falls into some shounen trappings, it still is very smart, and respects its characters. Shinichi still acknowledges the moral wrong in Migi’s actions pickpocketing the trucker, but understands that in his dire situation there’s no way he can undo what he’d done. He takes pragmatism over his code because he needs to, which is something few shounen protagonists do. While there is always a certain nobility to always acting morally, it’s Shinichi’s ability to become flexible that has allowed him to fight the Parasytesso well. I also like the interaction between Shinichi and his father. We see a different side to him as Shinichi manipulated his father, even if by a little bit, in order to completely sway him. By the same measure, it’s nice to see a parent in fiction trust their child, especially when talking about something so grave.

parasyte16eThe detective is certainly the biggest victim of this episode. Even though he should have known better considering the powers he was dealing with, this is still his livelihood destroyed and his family lost. He understands that only Tamura’s group would want to get rid of him, and is finally stirring the completely human side of the conflict. Despite their implied competence, we really haven’t seen how knowledgeable people would do against their dangerous foe. It would be nice to see humanity finally pull a counter-offensive against the Parasytes. I wonder if this new information will lead into the police coming on the scene as the attack against Tamura begins in earnest.

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