Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 17


parasyte17b Recap

Tamera faces off against three Parasytes at once. Using her keen insight into Parasyte physiology and unorthodox behavior, she manages to best them all without a scratch. In the mean time, the detective has taken her child for his own revenge. As Tamura and Shinichi face off, Murano and the police are finding themselves closer to the truth about Shinichi.

Just as things couldn’t get any worse for Shinichi, Tamura starts bearing fangs herself. While the Juggernaut has the advantage of his communal Parasytes, Tamura’s intelligence has made her one of the greatest threats since day one. Here we see a fantastic example of her wits at work. I have to applaud her using diversion and deception in order to get the leg up on a numerically superior force. It was also incredibly amusing to watch her laugh like a banshee while missing half her head. It’s this kind of outside the box thinking that will always make her more dangerous than the normal Parasytes. I’m also a big fan of the chestburster she sent to create her decoy signals. Her use of Parasyte abilities really reemphasized the disgusting, inhuman nature of these monsters.

parasyte17dThis is probably the first episode to so uniquely leave Shinichi out of its major developments. Sure, Tamura does eventually summon him to the park, but this episode is entirely about either Tamura, the Detective or Murano’s increasingly dangerous concern. It’s super disappointing to see Murano get into the same shortsighted behavior that spelled the end of Kana. Granted, Shinichi has not made the best case for trusting him, but following some unknown woman seems a bit far just to try and get in contact with him through her. Is Tamura playing Shinichi? Does she know that Murano was tailing her? what good would it do to confront him out in the open like this? With the way everyone is coming together, I doubt the face-off will end well for either party. Even though she dispatched the Parasytes with ease, it must take some energy to go through with the tricks she pulled. Then again, she may not even want to fight at all, and the forces coming together might make the situation worse than it needs to be.

parasyte17fParasyte has been nothing but tragedy, but it crafts its tragedy well. The detective was never a wholly likeable character, but he just didn’t understand how terrible the forces he was messing with really were. The tragedy that befalls his family is born partially of his own pride, but is still the senseless act of complete monsters. In his state he can only think of petty revenge. He even realizes that most Parasytes would never even care about the child, but maybe he understood that if one took the time to raise one it must still have some value that he can hurt. In the end, he seems about to die without any dignity, but with his last act he keeps Shinichi’s secret safe. With the police canvassing the area, who knows if that act will be worth much for long.

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