Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 18

parasyte18a Recap

Tamura uses her final moments to give Shinichi a message about what her Parasyte experience has meant to her. In the wake of her death, Shinichi finally comes to terms with the loss he has experienced. Now under police protection, Shinichi continues to give no hints to his true nature. Still suspicious, the police use their last ace in the hole.

I was not expecting Tamura’s increasing empathy to so quickly become her demise. I had always considered Tamura the most dangerous Parasyte because of her ability to rationalize like a human, but in her last moments we see how much that is a moral strength and a mortal weakness. By accepting her role as the child’s mother, she realizes she cannot live like a Parasyte. Given her very nature, the only course of action was to make sure the child could no longer become the target of aggression caused by her nature as a Parasyte. In a way, the mother-child bond is obviously not something unique to humanity. Instead, I feel Tamura was accepting the concept of life as an organism, not just a Parasyte. Thusfar, the Parasytes have simply taken, with no effort made to their own reproduction. Even in normal parasites their aim is to use their host body to further their species. It’s the selfless nature of her protection that makes her more relatable. She could have fought to protect the child, but then what, would she run away only for it to come into danger again? This way it will get the care it needs, the care it always deserved from the real Tamiya Ryoko.

parasyte18cWhile obviously Shinichi has recognized that his mom is gone, and felt sorry for Kana’s passing, the message Parasyte has been trying to slam down our throats week after week with Murano is that he hasn’t attached it with the appropriate emotional reaction. In a way, you could say he’s been changed by Migi. His revival obviously affected more than his physique. Even beyond that though, there’s a clear psychological connection between his pursuit of Tamura and her ilk as a coping mechanism against having to face his emotions. With Tamura gone, he has nothing to so clearly hate. In fact, the last memory he has of the monster is her attempt to connect herself to humanity as a mother. Without anything to hate, he finally cries for those lost.

parasyte18dWith Tamura’s death and the coming together of so many plot points, it seems obvious that we are headed into a completely new arc as the Police finally try to find the solid evidence to back their suspicion of Shinichi. Obviously it would make sense that there would be more Parasyte mediums like Kana, but the idea of verifying their powers seems impossible to prove. I like the idea that the police are smart, but not omniscient. Shinichi is the person with the most recorded Parasyte experience in history. They understand something strange is going on with him, but due to his obvious humanity, they would have no way of knowing the truth. It makes more sense to suspect him as a fellow medium. With the police accidentally uncovering the truth, I wonder if Parasyte is about to get darker than ever.

3 thoughts on “Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 18

  1. Tamura was easily my favorite character of the show. I’m pretty satisfied with the manner of her demise though. I suppose Gotou is the new main baddy now, though his personality is pretty stiff.

    • At the end of the day, this is still a shounen story. It’s kind of impressive that Parasyte has remained so focused on the psychological horror of the Parasytes instead of just their brute strength. I think there’s still a good story that can be made for Gotou before we’re through.

      • I nearly forget that it’s a shounen story at times (and then Murano shows up). At this point in the story/show I don’t really doubt that there will continue being a strong narrative.

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