Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 19


parasyte19c Recap

Shinichi confronts the killer in front of him. His loss of cool makes Hirama even more suspicious. While Shinichi tries to go back to a peaceful life, Hirama ropes him in for the final assault on Parasyte headquarters.

Gee has told me how we’ve missed quite a bit of backstory on our macabre serial killer. It would appear it was his capture that was the first breakthrough into the investigation of Parasytes. It makes some kind of twisted sense that he would at least understand the Parasytes on a psychological level. The way they act is akin to psychopathy, and the devaluing of human life is a common condition for both. Still, I would hope this is just a lucky coincidence that he has the power to sense them. I mean, Kana obviously had a similar power and as far as we can tell she wasn’t going around offing people. Shinichi’s reaction also seems to imply that the Parasyte cells have given him greater instincts that he can see the ruthless nature in the eyes of Uragami.

parasyte19aWatching Shinichi try to live his everyday life after all that happened was absolutely bizarre. It was almost like watching someone fake being happy, as he tries to go back to the way things were, only to have reminders of his present reality constantly brought to light. It’s obvious the most important part of that duality he tries to live is Murano, who after last episode seems to have finally accepted Shinichi and stopped asking dumb questions. For once, she acts with good intentions, despite the unknown greater good Shinichi must serve. To her and her classmates, they have suffered what no one should, a loss of life the likes of which matches the worst school shooting tragedies in America. While she doesn’t understand the extend of Shinichi’s involvement, she understands the extent he has suffered because of it.

parasyte19dWe’re coming down to the wire in Parasyte. Which seems a bit premature considering there should be five episodes left at least. Either this final assault on the Parasytes is going to last a while, or there’s another part to this ending we don’t know about yet. Hirama does a good job of appealing to Shinichi’s sense of justice, even if his trip to school was a bit much. Hirama knows he’ll need every asset he can get when going up against such a nebulous foe as the Parasytes. As an aside, I know it’s a pain to animate crowds, but the CG crowds that Madhouse uses are just plain ugly, and really detract from any scene they’re in. The scanner is an interesting bit of technology that shows just how long humans have been planning a counterattack against the Parasyte menace. Now my only question is how they will separate the Parasytes without them becoming belligerent and causing mass confusion. Are the police ready to allow civilian casualties as long as this den of vipers is finally snuffed out?

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