GLORIO Spring 2015 Anime Guide Part 2

2015 Spring_2

Part 2 of our guide features Dogakobo and Kyoto Animation slugging it out to see who can be cuter, while a good portion of the Glorio Crew has their eyes on Blood Blockade Battlefront, which is somehow NOT created Ryougo Narita. Meanwhile Sanrio attempts to steal money from Otaku with the creepy Show by Rock!! and Rainy Cocoa gives me an excused to reference the end of the the first season of The World God Only Knows. So what’s everyone else watching?

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Plastic Memories

Anime Original by Dogakobo
Air Date: 4/5/2015
With two projects in the works, including this anime original, Spring 2015 may be the most ambitious season for Dogakobo yet. Plastic Memories is set in a future where androids called Giftia are nearly indistinguishable from humans. Unfortunately the have short life spans, and our main character works for a corporation that collects the Giftia before their life ends. The trailer looks pretty light hearted but with a premise like that I’m almost certain they are going to try and make this a tear jerker. The story is written by the scenario writer for Steins;Gate which I enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Kekkai Sensen

Manga Adaptation by Bones
Air Date: 4/5/2015
A portal has opened up over New York City and transformed it into “Jerusalem’s Lot”, a hot bed of paranormal activity. Daily life in the city carries on, but it’s up to our super powered team of heroes to keep the magic and monsters away from the rest of the world. Maybe it’s just the suits, the blood, and the Western setting, but this feels strangely reminiscent of Baccano or any other of Ryougo Narita’s works. I have a feeling this will be a simpler affair though, and that’s OK. A lot of the Glorio Crew is looking forward to checking this out regardless.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Arslan Senki

Manga Adaptation by L Films/Sanzigen
Air Date: 4/5/2015
Arslan has an interesting pedigree. The original novel series began in 1986 and since then there have been quite a few manga and anime adaptations. The latest anime version is adapting the latest manga series by Hiromu Arakawa, best known for Full Metal Alchemist and Silver Spoon. The story itself is loosely based on a Persian legend about a boy who leads a revolution against the regime that overthrew his father. Medieval era Persia is about as far away from Japanese high school as you can get, so that alone has my interest piqued. Add in the fact that I’ve been waiting for the talented people at Liden Films to get some decent source material (Terraformars doesn’t count) and I definitely want to see how this turns out.

Rainy Cocoa

Ame-Iro Cocoa

Web Manga Adaptation by EMT2
Air Date: 4/5/2015
Not a whole lot going on plot wise here as it is about a guy who works part time at a café while attending college, so basically Slice of Life with pretty boys. There are a couple interesting things going on though. The digital manga it’s adapted from is actually fully translated and voiced in Japanese and English, with some pretty well known dub actors. I’m wondering if we’ll see a similar deal with the anime, seems perfect for Funimation’s recent Simuldub efforts. On a final note, if you watch the trailer you can join me in wondering why they let Hiro Shimono sing. It only makes me think of this. Or even this.

Show by Rock!!

Game Adaptation by Bones

Game Adaptation by Bones
Air Date: 4/5/2015
Not sure if this makes the anime creepier, but Show by Rock!! is a mobile rhythm game by Sanrio designed to get some of that sweet seinen Otaku money. Yes, the Hello Kitty people are turning their attention from normal, innocent children to fickle, adult man-children. Based on the trailer, it looks like the anime is so laser focused on its demographic that it’s bordering on parody. I mean come on, the main girl is a squeaky voiced child dressed up as a cat maid. I’m slightly amused that it appears they are aiming to play at “Boodookan”, but other than that this is probably just going to be a very long, sad commercial for the game.

Mikagura School Suite

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

Light Novel Adaptation by Dogakobo
Air Date: 4/6/2015
I must admit some red flags went off in my brain when I read this is being adapted from a light novel series based on a series of vocaloid songs, but Mikagura School Suite might not be as bad as it sounds. Our main heroine has entered high school only to discover that the various clubs are locked in some kind of super powered Battle Royale. Naturally it doesn’t take long before she is sucked into the fight. Sure the source material is questionable on content, the trailer seems a little cuter than I expected, and Dogakobo’s A-team is probably tied up on Plastic Memories but I just have a gut feeling that this could be good. I like the premise matched with a female heroine in a show that’s not romance or drama, maybe they can make something out of that.

Sound! Euphonium

Hibike! Euphonium

Novel Adaptation by Kyoto Animation
Air Date: 4/8/2015
If you look at KyoAni’s series choices since K-ON!, they haven’t done an exclusively “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things” show since. It looks like Sound! Euphonium will not only be that, it will even use a similar “revive the music club” premise. At least it sounds like they’ll be working a lot harder working at least, so I’m not expecting cake and tea all the time. With some firmer goals and structure in place I might be selling the plot short, but it still keeping my expectations on the low end. Besides, a bunch of girls playing weird classical music instruments can’t be nearly as exciting as forming a rock band and aiming for Budokan, right?

5 thoughts on “GLORIO Spring 2015 Anime Guide Part 2

  1. Man slim pickings for spring if you ask me. THe only ones that interest me here are Blood Blockade and Arslan. Especially the latter.

    • There’s a couple of good things in Part 3 which will be up in a few minutes. Either that or I’m starting to suffer from Anime Stockholm Syndrome after writing all these previews…

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