Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 23

parasyte23a Recap

Shinichi goes on the offensive against Gotou in a last desperate attempt. Obviously outmatched, he still manages to survive much longer than Gotou anticipated. After remembering the municipal building incident and getting a lucky strike in, the tide begins to change.

I find it kinda crazy that after all this time, after all the threats Shinichi has faced so far, that a singular force is Shinichi’s final foe. Gotou is a final boss much in the traditional sense of a shounen story. He’s a monster who has transformed into a terrifying force that stands directly against him. And yet, Shinichi’s battle with the Parasytes could not possibly end simply because of Gotou’s death. Instead, one could say this fight is a culmination of Shinichi’s personal arc of growth. He knows he would die in a fight with Gotou, but it is his sense of responsibility and his humanity that makes him want to fight Gotou to the last breath for the sake of those lives that have touched him.

parasyte23bParasyte you glorious bastard, you really had me convinced that main body Migi was actually down for the count. I should have known something was up after last week, but I just thought that the remaining Migi cells were just saying that they were still alive. I didn’t think about Gotou’s nature making him want to consume Migi instead of leaving him to die. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the “return from the dead” done so well. The way he just jumps back into Shinichi’s arm and greets him like nothing happened, and then Shinichi’s own reaction, were perfect. The reasoning for why he was able to get to Gotou is a little weak, but it keeps in theme with Parasyte’s musings about the destructive nature of humanity. It’s also consistent with what has happened in the past, like when acetone disrupted Shimada’s surface cells. It all culminates in a very satisfying kill shot when Gotou finally loses all control.

parasyte23cThe following dialogue gets a little heavy handed for my tastes. I was fine with Parasyte sticking one to us about our littering ways, but to say that a destructive monster has the right to exist just because humanity can be an equally destructive monster is ludicrous. Having this guy murder random villagers after he revived wouldn’t help the planet, it would only cause unnecessary suffering. I get where Migi comes from, his building ethics has finally come to its logical conclusion. with him acting against the Parasytes in the same way Shinichi deals with humans, but to have Shinichi question this for more than a second is dumb. I’m glad he changed his mind, but it seems dumb that he ever let that kind of argument sway him in the first place. Nothing is gained by greater destruction, the only way to stop humanity from its path is from within, by people with the determination of Hirokawa without his Bond villain insanity. With the main story over, all that’s left is an epilogue. Considering Gee has called this last chapter “necessary to the story”, I’m left wondering what exactly that could mean.

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