Durarara!! x2 Episode 11



Lots of local scumbags have been proudly flying the Dollars banners lately, and Mikado finds out far too late. Prompted by Izaya’s message on the Dollars message board, Ikebukero’s worst head out to abduct Rokujo’s girlfriend and ‘assist’ Kadota in fighting the guy himself.

Aqua’s thoughts

This week’s Durarara!! was positively jam-packed and splendidly paced. It seemed to go on for far longer than it actually did, and that’s never a problem when the content is so widely varied and exciting. The show has made pretty clear at this point that all the different plot arcs we’ve seen passing by over the last few episodes don’t necessarily all tie into the same super-plot in the way we’ve grown accustomed to. Akane’s brief stint as runaway served as an indication of a much larger conflict brewing in the background — one the old man who asked Varona and Sloan to kidnap her in the first place, seems to have a hand in. Being her former manager, chances are likely the guy also got Ruri to kill the Awakusu executives. It sounds like something Izaya would do to force Ikebukero’s different yakuza families into open war, but given the fact our favourite information broker knew about the mess Ruri caused and set Shizuo up to take the blame for it, the two might even be in cahoots.


Regardless, I’m somewhat confused as to why Boss Shiki got Akane to go back home with him. After last week’s rather definitive implication that the girl was scared to death of her father, the implication that he is in danger being the sole thing necessary to get her happily walking back to daddy seems like a bit of a cop-out. Akane’s kidnapping is only the first indication of her role being a lot bigger than we might have thought, but compared to some of the other lunacy going on, this little sideplot felt a bit insubstantial. Far more interesting is the feud between the Dollars and the Toramaru escalating to a chaotic climax. The Dollars have become so prominent pretty much the entire city is a part of them at this point, and because becoming a member requires little more than calling yourself one, by far not all Dollars are cool people anymore. Like his real-world counterpart, Mikado finds out the hard way different people have different interpretations of unconditional freedom, yet unlike Moot, he’s refuses to wash his hands off the entire situation.

Good thing for Mikado Anri’s around to be the muscle he quite clearly lacks, though the real hero of the episode has to be Kadota. Clever enough to figure the truth behing the feud out all by himself, Dotachin singlehandedly manages to resolve the conflict by quite literally knocking some sense into Rokujo. The bloodthirsty ‘Dollars’ who rush in to finish the job might accuse him of trying to take leadership of their gang, but if anything, this scene proved how good of a thing that might actually be. Unlike Mikado, who is in way over his head, streetwise Kadota has problem-solving skills that extend far beyond his fighting prowess. Not only did he negotiate a truce with Rokujo, he also kept the more unsavoury Dollars in check until the other Toramaru arrived. Mikado, on the other hand, seems to keep clinging to his original creed regardless of the consequences. While there certainly can be a place for the Dollars in Ikebukero, if only as a means to peacefully unite all other gangs, Mikado is simply not fit to claim leadership over them at this point. As Aoba pointed out, he’s starting to like the power he has, but if this incident doesn’t teach him that an organization without rules is bad news, another one will. After all, it took Moot ten years to figure that out.


Random observations

  • This episode featured a lot of cameos from last season’s side characters. Not only do ‘yo, yo, yo, hey maaaan’ guy, Kaztano, sign girl and the bunny suit guy who helped Anri out when she was running from the Yellow Scarves make a welcome reappearance, the Dollars holding Non hostage are the same scumbags who tried to kidnap Kamichika way back in the very first episode.
  • The joke with Celty and the kids playing ‘kabbadi, kabbadi’ was certainly funny, but seriously, what kind of bizarre note to end such an eventful episode on is that supposed to be?
  • After all the horrible Sword Art Online and The Irregular at Magic High School propaganda this season, Walker finally cranks out another reference to good ol’ Index. His lighter has Touma’s homeroom teacher, Ms. Komoe, on it, in case you missed it.
  • Varona wonders, is Anri human, or is she dancer?

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