First Look: Actually, I am…


Alternative titles: Jitsu wa Watashi wa…, My Monster Secret
Manga Adaptation by TMS Entertainment
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Asahi Kuromine is really bad at keeping secrets and everyone knows it. The worst kept secret of all is his crush on Youko. He tries to confess his feelings for her, but instead stumbles on to a secret he must keep at all costs.

Marlin’s verdict: Rosario + Vampire, But Not.

I guess I should thank my lucky stars OreMono is still going strong and Snow White is looking promising, as Aaahh!! Anime Monsters or as no one but me calls it, Monster Girls 2: Generic Boogaloo sure isn’t inspiring me with confidence in its romantic plotline. I think there’s potential in the idea of a main character that literally cannot lie, but I don’t see how you can power an entire series off those kind of jokes. I’m also not feeling either of what I assume are the main girls. Both seem to be the same kind of dumb “Oh, we look really aloof, but are really friendly and energetic on the inside.” I’m also a real stickler about vampires acting like actual vampires, so having her just get tan when she’s in the sun is straight up dumb. At least in Rosario + Vampire there’s a tangential threat that Moka will straight up just kill the protag in that series right? What’s the point of her being a vampire if she isn’t going to actually do anything associated with being a vampire? Why would vampires need to hide if they didn’t actually pose a threat to anyone? This just makes me want to rewatch Shiki. Now those were some vampires.


Jel’s verdict: My Monster Secret Was a Much Better Title

Actually, I am… had some of the worst comedic timing I’ve ever seen. Most of the episode is made up of really lame, predictable jokes with punchlines that fall flat on their face. It goes something like this: HEY THIS GUY IS A LOSER HE CAN’T KEEP A SECRET *thud* NO REALLY HE’S BAD AT SECRETS *thud* LIKE WE KNOW HE LIKES THIS GIRL BECAUSE HE CAN’T DO SECRETS *thud*… so there, I just saved you the trouble of watching. It doesn’t help that the animation and character designs are ugly, and the main girl unleashes one of the most obnoxious Kansai dialects imaginable. All that said, I was kind of warming up to the relationship between Vampire Girl and Mr. Leaky Basket and I do wonder what other crazy things are going on with the rest of the cast. Those are very small positives though and not nearly enough to keep me watching.

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