First Look: Aquarion Logos

aquarion1a Anime Original by Satelight
Streaming on FunimationThursdays, 12:30 pm EST


We start with a completely inconsequential OVA that ties together a plot line that never really needed tying up, thus wasting everyone’s time and becoming the grossest attempt at series fanservice in recorded history. Later, Aquarion I think? Sure didn’t look like it.

Marlin’s verdict: Complete Nonsense

It seems safe to say that you do not need to watch the first part of this double feature to truly see what Aquarion Logos is supposed to be. It boggles the mind that this Aquarion Love (or Evol, cause aren’t we clever) OVA needed to be there in the first place. The whole starcrossed lovers thing worked for Jin and Yunoha, and there’s no reason why they would be reincarnated just to get back together when they were just normal humans and not demigods. Logos is an equally puzzling thing to see, as the ending of Evol pretty succinctly tied up the Pollon/Celaine story. Plus, this is set in the real world, which definitely has zero precedent in the Aquarion universe. As far as I can tell the only thing that makes this an Aquarion show is the fact that there is a robot called Aquarion. It’s like if there was a sequel to Back to the Future that had none of the original characters but just had the DeLorean. Even if that wasn’t a problem, and trust me, with a franchise as lore-heavy as Aquarion, dropping all that stuff now is a huge problem, the characters are just straight up flat. Let’s take our pick, shall we? Do you want to learn more about a girl whose speech impediment would put George VI to shame? How about a dude that is just generically good at fighting things and basically robo-rapes a girl? What about said roborape victim, a Rei Ayanami-esque monotone girl who seems to switch sides for no good reason? How about her boss, Kotomine if he was raised as a Sikh, the most ridiculously dressed character in a franchise that previously consisted of nothing but ridiculously dressed characters? Man that last one may actually make this sound interesting. Trust me! It isn’t.


Jel’s verdict: I Tried

I haven’t seen any of the previous Aquarion series, but I heard they were mostly unrelated so I figured I’d give this is a spin. Sure enough it starts out with an OVA full of the previous characters, and it didn’t take long for me to get confused and shut it off. I didn’t care for what I saw regardless, especially the weird directing. It felt like entire shots were cut out and the random bits with the guy holding the tadpoles seemed like total non-sequiturs, probably all attempts to appear cool and artsy. Maybe that’s par for the course with Aquarion, but I don’t particularly care to find out. I apologize for not bringing much to the table on this one, I just figured I’d mention for anyone that hasn’t seen Aquarion to start from the beginning and stay away from this.

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