Noragami Aragoto Episode 2

noragami1b“One of Her Memories”

Fridays at 1:05 pm EST on Funimation

Yukki learns more about his newfound friend, but the winds of tragedy swirl around them.

Noragami is looking rough guys, like even rougher than before. Sure, it knows to put its animation where it counts, but there is some serious Brains Base levels of terrible stills with named characters in the background missing faces or having limbs contorted in unnatural positions. I know that the only place where it needs to be good is the action, but it’s disappointing in respect to an exemplar of the form like One Punch Man that Noragami isn’t even able to hold a candle in its still moments.


Yeah, I kinda knew this guy seemed to be around just to give Yukki some development through his death. Flowers are often associated with death, so it’s no surprise that he bites the big one next to the very flowers he’d been so desperately trying to save. This episode also gives some context to the OVA released between seasons, which in and of itself somewhat spoils the plot direction of this arc. Not like I assumed anything terrible was going to happen, but it does take some sting out knowing who is going to make it out of the coming fight alive.


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