Macross Delta Episode 10


“Axia Flash”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

The squad attends the Jellyfish Festival on Ragna, a traditional event for couples. Messer is re-assigned to a training position where he can be safe, but with another attack from the Aerial Knights his absence is immediately felt on the battlefield.

Jel’s thoughts

Given the contents of the episode it doesn’t feel appropriate for me to do the usual silly breakdown I do every week, so let’s just talk for a bit. I’m 99% certain Messer is dead but just in case I’m not making it official until we confirm next week. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to survive at this point so I think I would actually be disappointed if they backed off at all. While his story arc has been interesting I don’t know if it’s quite hitting as hard as it’s supposed to. I mean, thematically what’s the point? Hayate already had his moment to start taking this seriously when he had to kill someone. I guess they want to emphasize it even further?


That said, his final moments with Kaname singing did hit the right emotional notes. I wasn’t shedding tears or anything, but Messer has had just enough development for his death to sting. I think if they had spent any more time on the show’s “other” love triangle I would be complaining they’re not focusing on the main characters enough. After hearing the full performance it turns out “Axia” is a good song, and I’m sure the serious tone of the music had a lot to do with selling the final scene as well.

If anything this episode confirms this is in fact a Macross series and it’s not afraid to be intense and tragic, something I was concerned about when we were watching dancing robots and magical girl idols early on. The more serious tone is also set by the ongoing drama with Windmere, which seems to be coming to a bursting point. In general, it doesn’t seem like things can keep going as they are for much longer. I can’t help but think there is going to be some kind of big twist coming at the mid-point, where the “real” enemy is revealed and our two groups have to work together.


While we’re on baseless speculation, let’s talk about our Macross Delta Betting Pool of Death™. If you missed it last week, it’s not too late to join! Given Messer’s current state I’m crossing him off the list, but everyone else is still fair game. Here are the rules:

– You have 100 Glorio Yen Coins* to bet on any character or split combination of characters.
– Pay out will be determined by the odds set on the list below.
– Bets can be placed in the comments on any post until the mid point of the series
– Mid-point will be end of episode 13 or the OP changes, whichever comes first.
– You will receive pay out if a character dies before or during episode 13.
– Starting with episode 14, new odds will be created and a second round will begin.
– If no one dies before or during episode 13, this has been a huge waste of time.

1/2 Messer Ihelfeld: Has Var syndrome and a past incident to atone for, practically begging to get killed.
1/3 Arad Molders: Tells everyone they’re going to party after the mission, also he’s Skull Leader.
1/5 Chuck Mustang: Killing the likable, down to earth guy is easy drama, his image color is yellow.
1/8 Mikumo Guynemer: Seems like she doesn’t belong in this time/universe, set up to pass on her role to Freyja.
1/10 The Macross Elysion Bridge Crew: Totally expendable.
1/15 Kaname Buccaneer: Low self esteem could lead to her seeking value in sacrifice… wow that got dark.
1/20 Makina Nakajima/Reina Prowler: Nearly as expendable as the bridge crew, if they go they go together.
1/75 Walkure Package Deal: They keep emphasizing they are in danger, maybe everyone dies to protect Freyja?
1/100 Freyja Wion: Short life span could cause a “better to die young” scenario, but Love Triangle Plot Armor.
1/200 Hayate Immelman: Love Triangle Plot Armor, Main Male Character Plot Armor.
1/250 Mirage Farina Jenius: Love Triangle Plot Armor, most likely to be the Boring Person That Lives to Tell Their Story.

*1 Glorio Yen Coin equals the cash value of 1 Internet Bragging Right

2 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 10

  1. ” I’m 99% certain Messer is dead”
    come on dude I know this is anime but his coclpit was full of blood. Also the caliber size of fighter jet projectiles is huge. No fucking way he survives that.

    Did anyone bet on him last week?

    • I’d be 100% certain but after what they did with Ozma in Frontier I have trust issues. He did get some bets so I’ll hand out payouts next week.

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