First Look: Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

regalia1aAnime Original by Actas
Streaming on Funimation


Rena is an age-locked… demon I think? She lives happily with some peppy blonde girl until one day she meets a loli from her past. When she goes to find her again, she has to beat up a middle aged yakuza robot with twizzlers.

Marlin’s verdict: Loli Robot Nonsense

I have to say, if there’s one point towards this show, the mecha actually don’t look bad. It’s just the entire wrapping around this weird thing that turned me off of it. Why should I care about this loli or her weird adopted sister/lover or the mysterious loli she knows or this random old guy who turns out to be a robot? Nothing really even happens in this episode, with the middle section pretty much being exclusively Rena looking troubled as the plot loli slowly reveals herself. It’s just too little information to make me care. It doesn’t help that Yui has absolutely no personality besides being “nice”, which as Euphonium explained beautifully last year, is basically not being able to think of anything better to say. A mecha has to have a pretty good hook to get me to stay with it these days, and Regalia just absolutely fails at the attempt.


Jel’s verdict: I Give This 3 Stars

I’m going to try and set aside my cynicism that has come along with doing this for 5 years and say I actually think there’s some good things going on here. I was immediately wary of the star being an apparently immortal little girl and in general the cast have excessively cute designs, but they weren’t particularly exploitative of that. In fact, I kind of like the sense of time it added. You could immediately feel how these girls had history together. The character designs do seem a bit out of place in contrast to the serious tone of the show, but that’s just how anime goes sometimes. The reveal that the blonde girl is actually The Empress puts another interesting spin on things, hinting at a bigger plot or conflict to develop.

Then we have the robots, which I thought looked pretty cool. I was impressed with how much action we got considering this is the first episode. The other robots seen in the ending looked pretty cool too, although honestly I’m not the Glorio Blog’s robot expert. In fact, that may be my overall problem watching this show. I just don’t have any taste for serious action shows these days, which is what Regalia looks like it is shaping up to be. If you are in that rare class of anime fan that likes excessively cute anime girls and giant fighting robots in equal measure though, this maybe a good show for you.


Iro’s verdict: Entirely Unimpressive

This wasn’t offensively bad, but it was offensively boring. I’m pretty tired of the whole vaguely-lesbian thing that seemingly everything has nowadays, and having one of the girls look nine years old does the show no favors, particularly since she’s of the “actually a thousand years old” variety, meaning the show feels justified in placing her in questionable poses. The robots – actually animated in 2D, surprising – look fairly decent, with the heroic one having a whole Kamen Rider flowing-scarf thing going on and the villain-of-the-week being a big chunky robot with wrecking ball arms, but the action fails to really sell itself as anything special. Everything about this show is all very middling and inoffensive and really I just can’t be assed to care about any of it. Pass.

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