The GLORIO Fall 2016 Anime Guide – Part 1

2016-fall_1While yes, there is a new anime season upon us, there’s going to be a lot of familiar faces this Fall. Plenty of big names are returning like Haikyuu and Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (neither of which we’ll be covering, apologies) mixed in with what seems like an unusually high amount of magical girl, idol, and magical girl idol shows. I guess you can always count on anime for that. Speaking of returning shows, part 1 of our guide is headlined by the return of Glorio favorite BBK/BRNK, which is totally good despite the 3D, we promise.

BBK/BRNK: Giants of the Stars (Season 2)

Bubuki/Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin

Anime Original by Sanzigen
Air Date: 10/1/2016
Director: Daizen Komatsuda (BBK/BRNK, Key Animation/Episode Director for Gainax, Trigger)
Series Composition: Jirou Ishii (BBK/BRNK)

I’m probably the least qualified person here to talk about this show, but I can tell you pretty much the rest of the Glorio crew loved it. To paraphrase them, it’s the best Trigger show that Trigger never made, full of colorful, stylish action starring kids with super powers and giant robots. Sadly I think a lot of people missed out on this one because of the 3D animation, but you only have to watch a few seconds of the trailer to see it still looks pretty great. With the show returning for season 2 it seems Azuma’s sister will be playing a much larger role, perhaps as the antagonist. Maybe now would be a good time to catch up.

Digimon Universe: App Monsters

Anime Original by Toei Animation
Air Date: 10/1/2016
Director: Gou Koga (Dokidoki! Precure)
Series Composition: Yoichi Kato (Aikatsu!, Yo-Kai Watch)

Speaking of shows the rest of the crew would be more qualified to talk about, our endless fascination with Digimon continues with this latest series. This particular take seems completely unrelated to the mainlines series though, so maybe it doesn’t matter. As the name implies, App Monsters looks to bring the Pokemon knock-offs cute little digital creatures into the 2010s by making them all smartphone apps. Will it be anything more than a shameless cash grab to tie-in to the actual smart phone game? Probably not, but since it is Digimon you can be sure someone here will cover it.

Izetta, The Last Witch

Shuumatsu no Izetta, Izetta, Die Letzte Hexe, Izetta of the End

Anime Original by Ajia-do Animation Works
Air Date: 10/1/2016
Director: Masaya Fujimori (Tribe Cool Crew, Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Princess)
Series Composition: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Macross Frontier, Guilty Crown)

Hoo boy, strap yourself in for another alternate history World War II story in which “Germania” starts a war in 1939 and begins conquering Europe. Seriously guys, you’re not even trying here. ANYWAY, “Germania” invades a country called Elystadt which is totally not Switzerland, but this time Not-Switzerland has a secret clan of witches that will probably fight off the fake Nazis. OK, that last part sounded pretty good, but the trailer looks a little too cute and pandering to be the gritty WWII magical girl story we all secretly have been wanting.

ViVid Strike!

Possibly Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Strike? Maybe?

Anime Original by Seven Arcs
Air Date: 10/1/2016
Director: Junji Nishimura (Dog Days, Bakuon!!, Ranma 1/2)
Series Composition: Masaki Tsuzuki (Dog Days, Nanoha Series)

Can we just let the Nanoha franchise die gracefully, if it isn’t already too late for that? This latest series seems to be a spin-off of a spin-off, focusing on a new girl named Fuuka who gets tired of being bullied and somehow gains magical girl powers. It’s not entirely clear how related it will be to any of the other series in the franchise, but it seems at the very least Vivio from the last spin-off series shows up. In the trailer it looks like Fuuka is some kind of delinquent magical girl brawler, which is a lot cooler than the usual hearts and ribbons and shooting giant lasers that we’ve come to expect, but even so I would not set my hopes too high on this one.

Magic-kyun Renaissance

Anime Original by Sunrise
Air Date: 10/2/2016
Director: Mitsue Yamazaki (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Hakkenden)
Series Composition: Tomoko Konparu (Kimi ni Todoke, Nodame Cantabile)

In this particular magical high school, magic is used for art and performance and not the usual fighting dragons or whatever. Our main character transfers in and helps plan the upcoming cultural festival with six hot guys vying for her attention. Clearly this is pure wish fulfillment fluff, but it does have some nice talent directing and writing it. Maybe there will be some kind of legit romance involved? Probably not, but if it’s going to be fluff it looks like it will at least be well made fluff.

Magical Girl Raising Project

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Light Novel Adaptation by Lerche
Air Date: 10/2/2016
Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto (Is the Order a Rabbit?)
Series Composition: Takao Yoshioka (Elfen Lied, Your Lie in April, a lot of ecchi shows???)

FROM THE DIRECTOR OF IS THIS ORDER A RABBIT? and THE WRITER OF ELFEN LIED… yes, let that statement sink in. The premise is basically the Hunger Games but with magical girls. A popular mobile game grants certain girls powerful magical abilities which seems cool, but one city decides it has too many magical girls and pits them against each other in a survival game to thin them out. Given the setup and the staff behind it, I think it’s likely this show will get pretty dark a la School Live!. It’s even the same studio so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were looking for a follow up hit. It would have to get pretty brutal to hold my interest at this point, I am at least curious enough to check out the first episode.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

Game Adaptation by Dogakobo
Air Date: 10/2/2016
Director: Takashi Naoya (Luck & Logic)
Series Composition: Pierre Sugiura (Barakamon)

Next up in the Dogakobo wastes their considerable talents series… if you’re not familiar with Touken Ranbu, it is a game most often compared to Kantai Collection expect it has boys based on famous swords instead of girls based on famous warships. It’s apparently also growing to similar levels of popularity as this is the only the FIRST adaptation of the game, with another deadly serious looking version due from Ufotable at some point. Needless to say, it seems somewhat light on plot or substance and will be yet another show about pretty boys not doing much else beyond being pretty. I will say the trailer looks fun and if it’s just a light hearted comedy about hanging out in whatever weird version of medieval Japan they exist in, maybe it will be entertaining?

Magic of Stella

Stella no Mahou

Manga Adaptation by Silver Link
Air Date: 10/3/2016
Director: Shinya Kawatsura (Kokoro Connect, Non Non Biyori)
Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo (Kokoro Connect, Non Non Biyori, old KyoAni shows)

Hot on the heels of New Game is yet another anime about cute girls making video games. While that show was actually about adults making games at a legit game company though, it seems in this case we are going deeper down the anime rabbit hole and featuring a high school club that makes independent games. Everything about the trailer is so sickeningly cute that I have to expect the game making hook is going to be the least of the show’s concerns and I’m not sure I can put up with those squeaky voices long enough to get anything out of it. Kz from livetune is doing the OP though, so there’s something positive to look forward to.

Idol Memories

Anime Original by Seven Arcs
Air Date: 10/3/2016
Director: Katsuya Kikuchi (Sengoku Paradise, a LOT of key animation)
Series Composition: Hiroshi Ohnogi (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Aquarion)

Have you had enough of idol anime? Too bad because you’re getting another one. The hook here is we are in the near future where VR has progressed to the point that you can have idols performing in your living room. This is apparently such a big deal that a special school to train idols is formed and…. ahhhhh this looks and sounds so boring. You’re probably better off skipping this and reading Aqua’s soul searching journey through Love Live Sunshine, which is also probably a better idol show if you’re into that kind of thing.

Matoi the Sacred Slayer

Soushin Shoujo Matoi

Anime Original by White Fox
Air Date: 10/3/2016
Director: Masayuki Sakoi (Needless, Celestial Method)
Series Composition: Yousuke Kuroda (Trigun, Gundam 00 and Build Fighters, My Hero Academia)

A girl working part time at a shrine gets caught up in an exorcism gone wrong, giving her the power to banish spirits herself. She must keep performing exorcisms if she ever wants to get her normal life back. Not much else to go on with this original project, but judging by the trailer the production values at least look impressive and I can appreciate it seems to not be taking itself too seriously. I’m cool with a little action comedy, but we’ll have to see if Matoi can do enough to stand out in the crowd of other magical girl shows we’re getting this season.


Trickster: Edogawa Rampo ‘Shounen Tantei-dan’ Yori

Anime Original by TMS Entertainment
Air Date: 10/3/2016
Director: Masahiro Mukai (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Series Composition: Erika Yoshida (Debut)

So I guess making anime loosely based on Edogawa Rampo books is a thing now? I’m not familiar with his work personally but this show is based on his Boys Detective Club series. In this particular retelling, the club picks up a new member who is an immortal looking for a way to die and they presumably solve mysteries or something. The setting has been moved to the near future and almost looks kind of cyberpunk in the trailer, so that alone is kind of interesting. Still, anime mystery stories are hit and miss, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

4 thoughts on “The GLORIO Fall 2016 Anime Guide – Part 1

  1. Damn this post was hard to get through. Aside from BBK the only other interesting show on this part of the fall guide are Matoi and trickster….What’s the deal with all this magic girl crap this fall?? =/

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