First Look: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Manga Adaptation by Kyoto Animation
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Miss Kobayashi is living her boring life, working all day and drinking all night, until a powerful dragon shows up at her door. This dragon turns into a cute girl and offers to be her maid based on an incident the night before.

Jel’s verdict: Ouroboros… you know, like, eating it’s own tail? Sorry, that’s all I got.

Almost every new show I’ve watched this season has been flat out bad or close to being good with a few key issues keeping me from really getting excited about it. Dragon Maid falls somewhere in the latter camp. I love that Kobayashi is an adult woman, the rarest of rare anime protagonists. I loved the jokes about Tohru casually wielding her god-like powers, like when she instantly destroys and recreates their apartment as her method of cleaning. There’s even a bit of dark streak in the humor, like Tohru cutting off her tail, cooking it, and eventually eating it, or any time Fafnir tells her to murder everyone. Throw in some absolutely stunning animation and visual design choices and we should have a winner, right? Not so fast.


For one, Tohru is kind of annoying. Her squeaky anime voice and extremely overbearing personality just wore me out. It’s also no mistake her human form is a cute maid with massive breasts, and if there was any doubt who this show is targeted at just see the scene where Kobayashi and her otaku friend strip Tohru down to embarrass her, because that’s just what maids are “supposed” to do. That scene in particular killed the mood for me, not just because it was gross but I fear that is sign of things to come. I have no reason to believe this won’t just be another show ruined by trying to check off all the anime check boxes you’re supposed to have to appeal the otaku crowd. Sure it has a lot of other cool things going for it, but I’m so sick of that attitude that I’m not sure it’s worth it.

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