Sayonara, Glorio Blog


When the new light novel series by Oreimo’s Tsukasa Fushimi was announced several years ago, I joked with the rest of the Glorio crew that if it ever got an anime, I would shut down the blog. Then when the anime was announced, I doubled down on my claim. Now here we are, with Eromanga Sensei set to debut this season.

It’s time to make good on my promise.

“But Jel,” you may ask, “you’ve watched so many other bad shows, why stop now?” Allow me to explain. Long time readers will remember at some point I actually liked Oreimo. I survived the awful last batch of episodes but then the ending broke me. That movie-length monstrosity destroyed my remaining tolerance for all anime meta humor and practically anything that has a brother and sister in it. My innocence was lost. I’ve carried on, but as an empty husk of a man who can’t break his habit of writing about weird cartoons on a weekly basis.


And so now Eromanga Sensei has arrived, with the same meta references and incestuous implications of its predecessor. The image of its primary waifu bait looms over me like a silver haired shinigami, and I am accepting my fate. I would rather end my anime blogging career than make myself watch this.

Sayonara, dear readers. Thank you for your support. And thank you to the rest of the Glorio crew past and present for your years of hard work. It was a good run.


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