#HATEWATCH 2017: Eromanga-Sensei Episode 6

Sometimes a show comes along that just deserves to be eviscerated. Perhaps it showcases the worst of anime’s stereotypes. Perhaps it takes an interesting premise and ruins it with befuddling plots or infuriating character arcs. Perhaps you think a show should literally be labelled a war crime by the Geneva Convention. That’s where the HATEWATCH comes in. When the show does it to such a degree, sometimes you need to watch it just for the cathartic value of demolishing whatever dreg of culture or bad taste it represents. This is #HATEWATCH 2017.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m with the squeak-toy voiced genki girl on this one.

Marlin’s Thoughts

This is just pathetic. At the very least, I thought this show was going to set up Megumi as some kind of normal option. She’s annoying as all get out, but she could at least represent people who may want to interact with Sagiri for something outside her insipid interests, maybe expand her horizons a little or something? But nope, wish fulfillment otaku girl plops books into her hand and she’s smitten immediately. Lord forbid that she actually not like a few of em, forbid that someone might actually not like a particular type of media. Instead, we get some of the grossest rotoscoping yet as Megumi becomes subject to at least three felonies in the matter of a few minutes. If someone were to tell me that one of the biggest through-lines in Eromanga’s plot was Sagari’s ongoing attempt to draw women’s underwear in different scenarios, I would have thought them insane, and then burned down the internet. Still mulling over that second one.

Things don’t get better once we get back to the “actual” “plot”, as it then becomes the most violent tone change the show’s had yet. It’s a bit of an eyeroller to find out the situation that these two have found themselves in is actually something Izumi has orchestrated. Sure, let the horny teenager live with his not-a-sister-sister so long as he can… be a published author? What would be so terrible about them having some family to care for them? All it just does is make Izumi seem crazy possessive, which is not the kind of behavior a responsible adult should be encouraging. The tone also just flies all over the place, one moment they’re all business, the next they have to get in their apparently obligatory segment where they “make a joke” by explaining every aspect of the trope and then having the character do the trope with the whole “OH I AM TOTALLY NOT A TSUNDERE” bit.

Scratch that, this is the real Official #HATEWATCH© Logo.

Obviously from the OP I knew there was going to be another insufferable teenage girl to join the ranks, but I was holding out hope it wouldn’t be too soon. Unfortunately I was dead wrong. This move is absolutely baffling, as Elf already occupies the niche of “more popular and talented author”. If we get through the next episode without seeing her panties next I will be legitimately astonished. The last development is the worst of them all. “Hey, you suck, so instead of letting this contest work as its actually supposed to and let someone get a leg in on the industry, why not let you, a professonal by all objective standards, participate!” I mean, it’s not even dramatic because, as we established, we know there’s no way he can lose since that means he wouldn’t be able to stay with Sagiri. I suppose it’s only fitting that Izumi succeed by practicing his real trade, being a total scumbag.

Marlin’s Ethics Lesson of the Week

So Aristotle speaks of theft as an objective evil. By this I mean that the action of stealing is inherently wrong, and thus any extenuating reasons or circumstances cannot change this fact. However, my own Church actually does give allowances: “The appropriation of property is legitimate for guaranteeing the freedom and dignity of persons and for helping each of them to meet his basic needs and the needs of those in his charge.” Consider that like a Robin Hood rule.

Still doesn’t cover stealing a girls panties.

Funny enough, this is the only way I can get Jel to write for this feature.

Jel’s Thoughts

​Leave it to this show to flash a rare moment of self awareness only to throw it to the ground, stomp on it, and set it on fire. Megumi’s perception of light novels as creepy otaku trash shows the author at least knows that’s how “normal” people look at them. Of course, in his mind they are completely wrong. Apparently all the normies need to do is read a few volumes, as Megumi’s change of heart was arguably the most self-fellating thing this show has done. And that’s saying a lot considering this is based on a series of light novels about a light novel author writing a light novel about light novels. Throw in some sexual assault (it’s OK because they’re both girls!) and Megumi’s vocabulary continuing to feed the purity fetish angle and the A block of the episode was a real winner.

The second half doesn’t fare much better as apparently we didn’t have enough waifus in the cast, or middle school age light novel authors for that matter. Muramasa seems to exist solely to appeal to the “serious girl in a kimono” fans as Masamune already has Elf as his rival character. We didn’t need another one. Worse than adding more waifus though is the attempt to appeal to our emotions with the dumb contest thing. So you’re telling me there are actual responsible adults in the Izumi family that could take them in but are allowing this situation happen? And we’re supposed to be upset at the possibility that these kids might *GASP* have to submit to normal adult supervision? What a terrible fate. How noble of Masamune to fight for the right to lust after his step sister with no consequences.

So yeah, sarcasm aside, this show is still bad.

2 thoughts on “#HATEWATCH 2017: Eromanga-Sensei Episode 6

  1. In some weird way, as hateful and godawful and borderline criminal as this show is, it represents what I love about anime – that is, the fact that anime produces shows that no way, no how would or could ever be produced in another medium.

    Of course, many times, there’s a very good reason…

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