#HATEWATCH 2017: Eromanga-Sensei Episode 7

Sometimes a show comes along that just deserves to be eviscerated. Perhaps it showcases the worst of anime’s stereotypes. Perhaps it takes an interesting premise and ruins it with befuddling plots or infuriating character arcs. Perhaps you think a show should literally be labelled a war crime by the Geneva Convention. That’s where the HATEWATCH comes in. When the show does it to such a degree, sometimes you need to watch it just for the cathartic value of demolishing whatever dreg of culture or bad taste it represents. This is #HATEWATCH 2017.

Marlin’s Thoughts

Another episode, another waifu. This one is even more boring than the others because she’s superfluous and boring. I AM REALLY PUSHY!… yeah Megumi already has that covered. WAIT LOOK I AM SO GOOD AT WRITING LIGHT NOVELS!… isn’t Elf? I WANT TO SHARE LIGHT NOVELS I ENJOY!… that is exactly what Shiori did for Megumi last episode. DON’T YOU SEE? MY SKILL IN ART IS A DIRECT RESULT OF MY INEXPLICABLE LOVE OF IZUMI’S WRITING!.. wait isn’t that the entire premise behind Sagiri becoming Eromanga-Sensei? Let’s just say that this episode was more traditionally terrible instead of terrible in Eromanga’s particular way for most of it. Of course, that is unless you realize the subtext of it all.


By this point in Oreimo, Kyousuke was barely on any of these girl’s radar, let alone having them fall into his lap one after the other. Not only this, but instead of being attracted to him for being an inoffensive everyman, they’re attracted to him for being an inoffensive everyman who writes light novels. There has never been such a self-congratulatory piece of garbage, and considering how Crunchyroll’s funding model works I do realize I am actually part of the problem here. So long as male anime fans have the decency of Caligula, they’ll lap up any trash as long as their regularly scheduled sexual fantasies are entertained. Despite the fact that this girl sells way more than Izumi does, Izumi is the genius because they say so. I’m not about to say that light novel readers can actually tell if a story is good when they see it, but you would think that a story so bad that not even that community is willing to embrace it fully would be pretty friggin’ bad. There’s been no reason so far to believe that he’s a good writer except that everyone says he is. At least in Tsukigakirei we see the thoughts of the writer character in that show structuring his life as prose, which is at least some kind of shorthand to the quality of his abilities. With Izumi, all we have is his constant lusting over his sister made manifest in manuscript and a story called “The Silver Wolf’s Reincarnation” which sounds like the most boilerplate trash. I can’t imagine this trend will improve with time.

Marlin’s Ethics Lesson of the Week

Temperance is the virtue concerned with the proper balancing of a person’s desires. Our desires are not inherently wrong, and often times are actually beneficial to realizing temporary happiness in our lives. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this is a virtue most people have trouble dealing with. While practicing temperance usually requires consciously avoiding strong desires, one can go in the opposite direction. That isn’t really a problem for any of the characters of this show though, they seem to indulge in any dumb desire that comes to their appallingly unsupervised teenage brains. If anything I’d say eastern asceticism might actually do them some good.

Can we apply this to the show’s writer? Please?

Jel’s Thoughts

​It’s one thing to write a harem story because you want to pretend girls like you, but this feels like there’s a whole new level of insecurity in the writer here that goes well beyond your average trashy wish fulfillment show. Muramasa doesn’t just fall in love with the author, she falls in love with him because she thinks his writing is amazing, or at least that’s what I’m assuming is the reason because the two have like 10 minutes on screen together and zero chemistry otherwise. I have to wonder if they are skipping some of her development from the novels because that confession scene came out of nowhere and the writing can’t possibly be THAT badAHAHAHAHA ok that was funny, yes it is.

Probably the most telling thing this week was in discussing the episode with Marlin, I realized this series is so bad that I am longing for the quality level of Oreimo. Yes, let that sink in. While Oreimo turned out to be a dumpster fire it was at least a relatively coherent comedy in which the relationships developed over time in a somewhat logical way. Eromanga-sensei does away with all that pretense. So seeing as both series are pure mental masturbation, is it better to just whip it out and stroke it or should you wear a trench coat like a proper pervert? Let’s just say they’re both bad.

One thought on “#HATEWATCH 2017: Eromanga-Sensei Episode 7

  1. “pure mental masturbation”, is exactly what it is ero manga sensei and Oreimo are, is beyond my imagination and mental sanity, how this is EVEN LEGAL,in the new system of justice in japan.

    I just want to say, I hope this new anime industry will die AND NEVER reborn from its tomb again EVER, and this is going to happen in 3 years, just 3 more years …

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