First Look: Garo – Vanishing Line

Tokusatsu Adaptation by MAPPA
Streaming on Crunchyroll


It’s Garo! Again! This time we’re in a present day metropolis where distant teenager Sophie runs afoul of Horrors. Fortunately, she’s rescued by Sword, the latest wielder of the golden armour.

Zigg’s verdict: As You Bike It

After the crushing awfulness of GARO: Crimson Moon and a few years in the blog’s collective black books, this is a return to the goofy, pulpish GARO that so charmed us in the live action and first anime series. We’ve got big, exciting battle scenes, lots of gore and naked flesh on display, and a cartoonish edginess that just avoids taking itself seriously enough to be fun. What’s intriguing to me here is the modern-day setting, which has exclusively belonged to the live-action franchise up to this point. What we see here isn’t quite noir, but they’ve definitely got a good vibe going and the freakish monster design is as disturbing as ever. Sword himself seems boisterously likable, bar his dumb and shitty praying for boobs, and Sophie’s an interesting female lead with a cool look and some potential to go places. And while I don’t expect every episode to have budget of this one, there’s some fantastic animation on display, as well as some neat CGI integration. Overall, a welcome return to form.

Iro’s verdict: And We’re Back

Yep, this is sure GARO as we remember it, complete with crazy action sequences, unnecessary gore, surprisingly decent CG, and a downright poor attitude towards women. Look, this shit ain’t perfect, but Vanishing Line definitely sticks to a vibe and has the decency to look good and have fun doing it, unlike the embarrassing Crimson Moon. Sunghoo Park is helming this one after doing some downright great work on both Season 1 and its sequel Divine Flame, so while I’m not expecting as well-done of a hero’s journey as Yasuko Kobayashi handled a few years back, we should at least get some decent action out of it. I mean hell, did you see how he fucking did donuts in the road to transform? That’s the dumb action shit I want out of GARO. Keep it coming.

6 thoughts on “First Look: Garo – Vanishing Line

  1. How the hell did i Miss “GARO: Crimson Moon”??? I follow you boys and girls religiously and I was completely surprised there was a Garo based in the Heian period. Maybe I did watch it and my brain did me the favour of forgetting. /shrug

    Anyhow this was a great first episode. Really liking the present setting and that motocycle….Bad ass. It’s definitely cooler than a horse. But I’m guessing Zaruba will be able to control the bike so could add some more bad assery to the already bad ass fight scenes. Last note: Garo should be a model on HOW to use CGI well. They really fuse the two mediums well.

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