First Look: Code:Realize

Alternative title(s): Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi
Visual Novel Adaptation by M.S.C
Streaming on Crunchyroll


A young woman named Cardia has a deadly poison running through her body, making her literally untouchable by others. She is rescued from capture by the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin and taken with him to London, where she attempts to unlock the mysteries behind her being and her missing memories.

Artemis’ verdict: Could Be Worse

At first I thought this was going to go the whole Gothic Victorian England, pseudo-Black Butler route in terms of atmosphere, but it didn’t take long for me to see that Code:Realize is a lot more light-hearted than that. This is way more adventure than drama, and of course, there’s the whole reverse-harem/romance thing going on as well – cue the main cast made up almost exclusively of colourful bishounen, one of whom just happens to be a thief named Arsène Lupin. I truly wish that last part wasn’t the case, since I see no need for the reference whatsoever and the self-inflicted comparison really only drags Code:Realize down.

That said, if you’re going to watch any bishounen-centric anime this season, Code:Realize is the best of them I’ve seen so far. The character designs are decent, the overall artwork is bright and attractive, and none of the cast seems to be the creepy, rapey type that I’ve basically come to expect from these sorts of shows at this point. That doesn’t make the writing actually good, of course – a bit too much in the obvious exposition department for me, and I don’t think the story is all that strong or exciting in its own right either – but you could certainly do far worse this season.

Jel’s verdict: A River In a Dry Land

Persona 5 jokes aside, this wasn’t bad? Sure the main girl is still a bit dull but the guys are fairly nice, there’s an actual plot, and they have a corgi with a top hat and a steampunk metal leg. It makes me wish they didn’t go with naming the cast after famous fictional characters, there might be enough here for them to stand on their own. So is being better than your average otome game anime enough to make this worth watching? Maybe not, but if you do need to watch a show full of pretty dudes this season (and there are MANY) this is probably near the top of the list.

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