First Look: Maou-sama, Retry!

Alternative title(s): Maou-sama Ritorai!
Light Novel Adaptation by Ekachi Epilka
Streaming on Funimation


Some loser gets trapped in his game at midnight because it’s not like THAT’S LITERALLY THE SAME PLOT AS ANOTHER ISEKAI. Granted, this has the added benefit of being SOMEHOW EVEN MORE TRASH. Shocker, I know.

Marlin’s verdict: Hilariously Bad in Seconds Flat

I would recommend watching just the second half of this show if you want to get any genuine entertainment value out of this. If I didn’t know it was being as earnest as possible I would have sworn this was some kind of Pop Team Epic style spoof of Isekai. You couldn’t find a more generic combination of isekai tropes all taking the crap out of the premise in the most unamusing manner possible. The beginning is a real snorefest, and it’s not rare for one of these trash shows to look like garbage, but Maou-sama really takes it to the next level in the second half. There’s literally this ten minute sequence of the main character and his obligatory loli running in animation worthy of an early 2000’s Newgrounds flash. I went from hating my life to laughing my ass off so quickly i thought i was going crazy. It looks like this is the sophmore effort and first fully lengthed production of studio Ekachi Epilka, whoever that is. Considering this is the first episode, where most companies try to invest the most of their resources in order to woo viewers, it’s not a good look. Thankfully, the source material was never worth your time anyway.

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