The GLORIO Chat Episode 99: Like Finding Bad Whiskey in a Desert

episode 99 header

We bid farewell to The Heike Story, welcome back Eighty-Six: 86, and go in hard on the latest developments in Sakugan.

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Show Notes

2:51 The Heike Story

19:28 Aquatope on White Sand

33:03 takt op.destiny

44:14 Kyoukai Senki

53:37 86: Eighty-Six

1:03:38 Ranking of Kings (original tweet with Mob Psycho 100 comparison)

1:14:55 Lupin III Part 6

1:16:39 Komi Can’t Communicate

1:18:53 Sakugan


2 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 99: Like Finding Bad Whiskey in a Desert

  1. Re: Ranking of Kings, the underworld king’s name is not “Desha” it’s “Des-ha” – as in, “Hades”. Most names in the show are really stupid puns like that, Domas comes from “sworDMASter”, Apeas is from “spear”, queen Hilling is from “healing”, etc. (And then there are the lazy ones with Bojji=bocchi, Hokuro=actual hokuro, Bosse=boss, Miranjo=mirror-no-onna, etc.)

    As for Sakugan, honestly the whole “overprotective father needs to learn to let his child follow her dreams and ambitions!” thing made no sense from episode one, considering that Memenpu is NINE years old. Like sure, learning to let your child go and spread her wings is a great backbone for a story and a character, but… she’s NINE. (It would make sense if she was older, but then they’d have to write a non-sexualized teen girl and we all know that would never happen in a show like this.)

    As for everything else about Sakugan, honestly, I think you’re being too lenient on this show’s possible production issues… To me it seems like they’re just basically just on autopilot, going through a list of “cool nostalgic anime tropes” without regard to much else.

    • I thought we were pretty hard on Sakugan, but either way my opinion on it has gone way downhill. I don’t think I said this specifically, but it does kind of have a “design by committee” feeling to it which is never a good sign.

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