Outbreak Company: Episode 4

When a young artist gets arrested for spying on Shinichi he protects her from execution and brings her on as his personal artist. Being a furry had nothing to do with Shinichi’s judgement… nope!

Freezing Vibration: Episode 3

Recap: Gina volunteers for the new Mark IV test to bring the E-Pandora to the next stage in their evolution. It does make her more powerful, but it destroys her body in the process and turns her into a nova…

Outbreak Company: Episode 2 Class Differences

Shinichi continues teaching Myucel to read Japanese and she behinds to read the manga collection he ordered the Japanese government to bring over. The loli ruler of fantasy land becomes Jealous of Myucel and berates her. When Shinichi defends Myucel, Petralka declares that she will learn Japanese as well.

Strike the Blood: Episode 2 Vampire Stalking

Yukina begins to settle into her position as Koujo’s “watcher” when a major explosion rocks the city and she leaves to investigate. She finds herself in the middle of a fight between an evil priest and some poor vampire, and Koujo is forced to use his powers to save her.

First Impressions: Walkure Romanze

Visual novel adaptation by 8bit Simulcast on Crunchyroll Premise: In a world where jousting is an important sport, a young woman offends a knight and is challenged to a duel. Her childhood friend must show her the ropes.