Kokoro Connect Episode 11

Recap: Just as a false peace starts to reign over our heroes, a new affliction takes over. How will the club deal with having to face their past?

I really love how Kokoro keeps beating my expectations. I was coming up with all these different theories on where Heartseed could go, and even with all the talk of our character’s past I never once thought he’d literally make them relive it. The way a person changes over the years has always been a big topic in philosophical debate, pushing the idea of what truely constitutes a person. If you are radically different from who you were at five years ago or ten years ago, what really is the self? Is it something that persists and changes, or by the definition of its individuality, can it even exist except in the frame of reference it is described, constantly dying and living again?

The twist with Heartseed this week was also a real curveball. I would have never expected a new Heartseed with a different skillset to come into play. I also love how, right out of the bat, it pulls no punches and hits Taichi right at home. With his sister as the new possession target, he knows he can’t take too many risks. I’m having a hard time believing that Taichi, with his dopey honest guy attitude can really keep a secret like this for the entire time. Everyone will start questioning more and more why Taichi was the only one excluded from the new effect, and it’s only a matter of time before they figure out he has something to hide.

It was also nice to see Aoki get some backstory for a change. The dude’s too laid back for nothing to have ever happened in his life. The reveal of why he might really have his feelings of Yui actually betray the confident machismo I used to admire him for. It does seem this arc is going for a philosophical tour de force with exploiting the ephemeral nature of our youth. Many of our current predilections are based on our past experiences, and influence means we may like many things for the wrong reasons, because of what happened to us as children or before we became adults.

Even so, it seems I might come out of this arc loving it for giving us all the characters in absolutely adorable younger forms. The way the three girls act is just the darnedest thing, with shy Inaba really taking the cake. It appears next episode will go further into the New Years scene we are teased with in the beginning, as well as more backstory for Aoki. As the least touched upon character, I would really love to learn more about his experiences and what brought him to take on such a carefree attitude towards life.

On a final note, I’m kinda disappointed at how lazy looking the new ED is, but honestly a minor complaint. The song didn’t really gel with me and, unless they’re spoiling something here, it makes no sense that Taichi is also shown with his younger self.

5 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect Episode 11

  1. I’m also worried about how they’re going to manage time here. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that one more novel is going to be adapted after this one, but there’s only going to be seven episodes betwixt each. How is that going to work out?

  2. I’m pretty sure this arc is only going to last 3 episodes. While the next and final arc for this season will be 4 episodes. The current arc really doesn’t have a lot of core plot points to cover so while it may seem rush at times, I think it will work out as long as you can get use to some sudden shift of emotions. Then again, half of the plot this arc are meant to pile up and explode in the next though. I think 4 episodes for the next will just be enough… assuming they take out the OP and ED sequence to buy a few minutes of screen play for the final episode.

  3. I guess I can see this one being short depending on how they work it. I hope the final volume doesn’t get rushed at all. The rest of the gang and I were also talking about how it was going to be released. 17 is a pretty irregular number of episodes for a show, and now I’m worried some are going to be online only and how that might affect Crunchyroll’s streams.

    Hopefully that won’t be a problem, but I like watching my stuff on CR if possible.

  4. Yeah, the streaming concerns me as well. There hasn’t been any real announcement on how they gonna air it yet though, so we can still hope. As for me, I really DO hope they don’t make us wait for like a month between episodes of the 4th arc… I’ll die from those cliffhangers.

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