Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 2

Recap: Sorata is put on official Mashiro Duty, and question his own ambitions as he watches and interacts with Mashiro, and the rest of the crew at Sakurasou. Also, more kitties!

Totally awesome people everyone should look up to, or are they?

Totally awesome people everyone should look up to, or are they?

Lifesong’s Thoughts: I continue to be impressed with show. I could draw more comparisons with this second episode and Toradora, but they are clearly different stories at this point so I’ll save that for later. Some silly love triangle antics have come out in force, but they manage to funny without distracting the focus away from the story that is being built up. I am curious if the boring crush girl will become more than a stereotypical third wheel or not; it’s hard to gauge how important Nanami’s part in this story will be at this point. Hopefully she will become an interesting character, and not just be a mechanical third wheel.

This real focus this week was on establishing that there is more to the crazies of Sakurasou than meets the eye. At the very least this anime really wants us to believe that the cast at Sakurasou have depth, and so far I am willing to buy it. We have a womanizer who doesn’t want his childhood friend to be seen in a ridiculously seductive getup by another man, and that same childhood friend is willing to show lots of skin, but seems to really just want the attention of the womanizer. Straightforward sure, but if nothing else it’s nice to see that this story is not simply an otaku pandering harem, and that this cast does have their own set of ambitions and desires.

Beware of cabbage

Beware of cabbage

Ambition seems to be a strong theme here. In both the first and second episodes Sorata questions where exactly he fits at this school, and at Sakurasou. I can see some potential for interesting contrast between the unbridled quest to follow after an ambition, and the self sacrifice that comes with helping someone else strive for theirs. The contrast between Sorata, and Mashiro is already an interesting one so it will be neat to see how that develops. I know the whole “pet girlfriend” thing really puts some people off, but I see lots of room for both characters to grow here so I am okay with implications that come with Mashiro being so eccentric.

Mashiro acts like a cat, and is quite clueless about the ways of the world, but the aimless protagonist is the one with the most immediate need to define himself. As I see it, it seems like Mashiro is more of an eccentric genius than an idiot who couldn’t possible care for herself; it’s not that Mashiro can’t care for herself, just that she never has as she’s spent her whole life absorbed in making art. I can see a lot of potential in this series, I would be lying if I said it has already been realized, but we are only two episodes in. I am looking forward to watching how this all develops next week.

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