Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 5

Recap: Four months have passed since Mashiro came to Sakurasou, and Sorata is still taking care of her; however, we are in for some mix up as Nanami the childhood friend joins the cast at Sakurasou. Nanami has been having issues paying for her rent, and we learn that she is only able to go to school for becoming a voice actress so long as she pays for it all out of her own pocket, and apparently the rent at Sakurasou is quite cheap.

Nanami who seems to have a bit of a crush on Sorata quickly disaproves of the way he is taking care of Mashiro, and takes job upon herself which causes frustration for both herself, and Mashiro. Nanami is the type of thinks to do everything on her own, and views help as a weakness. Showing signs of exhaustion before even coming to the loony land that is Sakurasou it is surely only a matter of time before she collapses under the pressure.

Plan C is always the best plan.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: I like the way Mashiro’s personality is developed in a very show, and don’t tell kind of way. We never really know what she is thinking in that odd head of hers only that she probably is. I will admit I had a pretty good laugh when she decided that the most efficient solution for dealing with her new rival was simply to dispose of her. It’s a joke that only works because Mashiro always looks so serious, but work it did.

Misaki becomes kind of annoying when she is dealing with Sorata. I like her character, but her energy is so potent that it’s almost annoying. That whole scene with the panties did give me a chuckle, and Jin’s deep insight on women never fails to amuse. It would be missing the point entirely to expect these characters to behave in a normal respectful fashion, but I can’t help noticing the way these two carry on would drive me completely bonkers if they were real people.

Revenge or ignorance? My money is on revenge.

One of the interesting things about Sakurasou is that the romance has been on the down low so far; drama is in abundance, but romantic feelings are very much up in the air. Mashiro probably likes Sorata, but even if he finds her cute he is not even willing to consider her a girlfriend at the moment. It’s an interesting dynamic even if the implications are a bit obvious. It’s a nice bit of depth that once again helps subvert the implications of this anime’s title.

As much as this episode is a return to the silliness of the first episode the drama is moved along as well. Sorata’s game proposal is torn to shreds by Ryuunosuke. I assume Sorata is no artist himself, so the suggestion to have illustrations makes me wonder how long it will take before Sorata asks Mashiro to draw some artwork for him. It would be nice to see their relationship develop into one of give, and take instead of pet, and caretaker. Also, speaking of Ryuunosuke I’ve noticed that the character has Yui Horie listed as a voice actor. I can only hope that I can continue to claim this anime is not a harem once the inevitable reveal hits.

I kind of feel like this one shot does a good job of summing up the entire episode.

One-dimensional characters characters feel out of place in a cast full of developed personalities. I found Nanami’s transition from a one-dimensional voice actress joke post to a character we are supposed to take seriously a bit jarring. I have to admit it’s hard to think of her as more than a device with the way she has been introduced, and abused up to this point. Part of the problem is that the drama with her whole her ‘do it all myself’ mentality is that it’s all incredibly obvious. That said I wonder If I would have even noticed had she been introduced in a more subtle way. It doesn’t help things that she just up, and joins Sakurasou like it’s the perfect solution she never thought of.

I can’t help wondering what the requirements for joining Sakurasou are? We are told in the first episode that it’s the place their school keeps the crazies, but with Sorata there, and now Nanami it seems that enrollment is as simple as just packing up your stuff, and moving in. I am probably thinking too hard about it, and it’s honestly not a big deal, but it is a noticeable inconstancy. Maybe Sakurasou is just the dorm where the crazies happen to be instead of the designated loony artist bin?

Too busy thinking of this character as a device to care about her plight.

Hopefully now that we know what Nanami is all about her actual development will be a bit more interesting than her setup. I would be lying if I said I expect anything less than greatness from this series, but this character is not generating a lot of care at the moment. Judging by the pacing in this episode I assume her bit of drama will wrap up next week, and I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes after that point.

4 thoughts on “Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 5

  1. The reason Yui Horie is being credited as the voice for Ryuunosuke is because she’s voicing the maid A.I. though, so I’m still assuming he’s a guy. And maybe I’m giving the writers too much credit here, but maybe the fact that the characters giving off the vibe that they would drive you bonkers if you knew them is kind of the point.

    I agree with the rest though. I’d like to see Sorata’s and Mashiro’s relationship grow into a more comfortable understanding between the two (let’s hope the show does have those ambitions and doesn’t drag it into some kind of will-they-or-won’t-they situation instead) and Nanami is kind of grating for me at the moment, but maybe that’s just because she’s stressed out. Also her parents are kind of dicks, letting their daughter work herself half to death just because she wants to chase her dream. I can just picture them sitting smugly at home, waiting for her to come back with her tail between her legs. Gah.

    Regardless, this show is turning out to be better than I figured considering its rocky, cheap-harem-like start.

    • I think the way the residents of Sakurasou are off the wall bonkers is in fact the point, but that feeling of ‘these guys would drive me insane’ was particularly potent this episode, and so I felt it warranted mention. I actually like them quite a bit as characters inside this anime, especially Jin which I never would have expected after his intro in episode one.

      Maybe I am wrong about Ryuunosuke, and I am tempted to go check some forums or even the comments on some other anime blogs, and find out what any fans reading the light novels might know, but that is like a fast track for spoiling the entire series so I am avoiding doing that. Even if Ryuunosuke is in fact a cute Hikikomori girl it’s not like that automatically makes this anime a harem, but I could easily see some harem antics being thrown in if he is actually a she. Lets hope that I am wrong, and that Ryuunosuke is just a cool bro that doesn’t like to show his face.

  2. The whole “Mashiro causes sexual misunderstandings in front of Nanami” shtick that’s been going on the past few weeks got really annoying this episode. It really soured the entire experience that a show that seems to want you to take it so seriously is doing such stupid “humor”. I’m hoping since she lives there now it won’t happen anymore. Then again, now that she lives there the potential for them to storyboard Mashiro and Sorata into compromising positions could possibly increase.

    • Ah, I find that particular shtick funny myself. Both the protagonist, and Nanami in particular both have high tension personalities making a nice contrast with Mashiro’s easily misunderstood low energy personality.

      Misunderstandings between Mashiro, and Nanami probably won’t go away, but it would be nice to see some development between them. I suspect some development between Nanami, and Sakurasou as a whole. She is setup for a breakdown so it seems an obvious direction for Nanami to come to accept the rest of the personalities at Sakurasou as a supporting party instead of an agitation for her to clean up.

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