Winter 2013 Anime Short Roundabout ROUND 2

He had it coming

Alright everyone, once again for the sake of JOURNALISM, we’re back for another round of this season’s anime shorts. Our coverage (and my suffering) continues with Line Offline Salaryman, Ishida & Asakura, gdgd Fairies and Senyu. Are any of these quick hits of anime worth your troubles or is your handful of minutes better spent elsewhere? HMM I WONDER HOW THIS IS GOING TO GO?


Line Offline Salaryman

The Premise: The Salaryman is love with the Bunny Girl (and not the hot kind)? There was a lot of staring?

Verdict: Sorry everyone, I really did try but the version I watched seemed to have Chinese subs instead of English and I did not feel motivated enough to dig any further. From what I gathered it was a pretty one note joke about our Salaryman hero being self conscious or something, probably not worth dwelling on any more than that.

Our heroes

Ishida & Asakura

The Premise: Asakura wants to be a teacher at an all girls school so he can be surrounded by high school girls with big boobs. His classmates however, have other plans for him.

Verdict: This was super dumb, lowest common denominator humor but (much like our main character) at least it had a coherent plan and it sticks to it. The art has a really sharp manga quality to it and I must admit seeing the obnoxious fat guy get killed off twice in a two minute episode was mildly amusing.


gdgd Fairies Season 2

The Premise: There are some badly rendered CG fairies and I guess they do parody stuff?

Verdict: The episode starts with a fake press conference and a news flash saying “if this is your first time watching, please leave.” DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE. I did skip ahead and found the image above, prompting me to close my browser IMMEDIATELY.

This is less funny in context


The Premise: Monsters have invaded the kingdom and the King summons the descendants of a legendary hero to defeat them. He is too lazy to figure out who’s who though, and instead of 1 hero he chooses 75. Hero #45 sets out with another royal soldier to carry out his mission.

Verdict: Like Inferno Cop, Senyu got a modest amount of attention because of its Studio (Ordet) and having Hiro Shimono voice the Hero helped make it mildly entertaining. Still, I’ll stick with Ixion Saga DT for my Fantasy game parody needs, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Winter 2013 Anime Short Roundabout ROUND 2

    • I was being a little unfair seeing as I’m jumping right in the middle of the series. The few minutes I watched didn’t look to promising though.

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