Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 14


Recap: It is Christmas Eve and Nanami has a “date” with Sorata. Mashiro has her banquet and Misaki plots to ambush Jin with another confession.

Things do not always go as they are planned, Mashiro runs off and has a touching moment with Sorata while Nanami watches. Nanami herself misses her opportunity to confess her feelings to Sorata and Misaki is rejected by Jin flat out.

Sorata, to be completely frank, you are acting like a bitch.

Sorata, to be completely frank, you are acting like a bitch.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Being in love at a young age is a difficult thing. No one really knows how to deal with feelings for another person when they first experience them, which humanizes Mashiro’s oddness toward Sorata. Of course, for young people who are still trying to find their place in the world the tension is increased that much more.

Jin’s relationship with Misaki has been one of the more interesting things of late. I think the natural inclination might be to hate Jin for the way he is acting toward Misaki, but I find myself able to relate with his position. He doesn’t want Misaki’s attention just because she has a strong emotional attachment to him, he wants to be worthy of it in his own mind. Part of it is that he doesn’t want to hurt her, but it doesn’t end there. Being unwilling to accept her advances isn’t just about some purity fetish.

Wonder what he planned to give her..

Wonder what he planned to give her..

Misaki has been trying to appeal to Jin for a long time. He doesn’t want to take advantage of her. I assume that he was preparing to propose to her himself when she ambushed him. Jin wants to take his love for Misaki seriously while she wants to make him look at her by appealing to him the same way other girls do. It isn’t that hard to see why they are having such a disconnect. She wants him to hurt her so that she can be his. He doesn’t want to treat her the same as other girls so that he can take loving her seriously. I am curious to see where their story will go from here.

The interesting thing about Sakurasou’s supporting cast is that regardless of the flags between the Sorata and his two girls Misaki and Jin don’t need to wind up together to keep with the theme of the story. That said, I can relate to their frustration and that makes me hope for the best, even if it is against the odds.

I have a feeling Chihiro has experience in slacking off and being left behind by talent.

I have a feeling Chihiro has experience in slacking off and being left behind by talent.

Going back to Sorata, Mashiro has completely stolen my affection. Her odd way of dealing with her feelings for Sorata are both endearingly odd and very human. I loved their touching moment by the fountain where Sorata expresses to Mashiro where his feelings for her came from. The whole thing had a bittersweet sting to it as Nanami is right behind them, missing her chance to confess to Sorata by just a few moments herself.

Nanami’s mixed signals just sealed her fate for good. I don’t even feel justified in calling Sorata dense anymore. The mixed signals from Nanami would make any high school boy confused. In Sorata’s case he is just dense, but she had her shot and let it slip. I can’t really blame Nanami either as this just plays right in with Sakurasou’s theme of taking things seriously and seeing in black and white. Speaking of I liked Chihiro’s advice.

Misaki is so very silly looking out of context.

Misaki is so very silly looking out of context.

To say the world is made up of grey is a bit misleading in my personal opinion. If you look at The World as a single thing from a distance sure the correct way to describe it would be as a grey; however, if you want to see the black or the white of something you have to break it down to the point where it’s something very specific. Only once the absoluteness of it removed can you say that something is black or white.

Chihiro acts like a teacher for once and perhaps reveals hints of herself as well in the process. When she tells Sorata that things are not black or white but grey, what she is telling him is that he can’t see the whole picture. Jin’s line after overhearing Sorata’s bout with Mashiro also stings true. “Will you be satisfied if I tell you that your a bad person?” Answering Sorata with that question was perhaps infinitely more meaningful than any earnest answer would have been.

I doubt I was the only one to tear up at this gesture.

I doubt I was the only one to tear up at this gesture.

I sense some tense drama in what remains of this anime, but I suspect things will lighten up a bit again before that point, maybe several times over depending on how many books we have left to cover. Personally, i’ve fallen for this cast and cant help but hope for the best for all of them.

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