Chihayafuru 2 Episode 10


Recap: Mizusawa is up against the top academic high school in the nation. Their unorthodox style and constant moving has Chihaya frazzled. How will the team respond to yet another strange situation?

Another match, another weird situation. Thankfully, the team has seen enough weirdness to last them a decade, and most of this episode is only focused on our talented airhead Chihaya. This team definitely had one of the most devious strategies to date. I know I am no expert at memory and having the cards constantly shuffled around as they play I couldn’t imagine the acuity you’d have to keep to stay with it.


Back on the Arata front, we see how stubborn the idiot is as he gets an out from the Fukui West team, only to marginalize it with his own words. I honestly don’t understand his motive for this. He understands how important it is to multiple people that he plays in this tournament. Does he really have that much pride that he can’t let this slide? Thankfully Shinobu bails him out in another almost Yandere like performance as she begs to get him back in the tournament only to immediately call him a coward for not fighting to play. With that settled, all that’s left is for Arata to find Chihaya and the gang. Let’s just hope he doesn’t throw her off her game.

It was cool to have some of the strategy of listening and responding laid out for us. I finally can kinda get how Chihaya has her almost superhuman skills, it requires some thought put into it as well. I wonder how much easier this is in Japanese as a syllabic language as opposed to using such strategies on something like an english quiz show. In the end Chihaya’s skills outmatch their smarts, and our team moves on. Looks like they really wanted us to wait on bated breath with this ending. The way I see it Nishida’s statement could really be a non-issue, using a logic even Komano would agree with, but I’ll never put it past Chihayafuru to let drama unfold simply because of hurt pride.


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