Blast of Tempest Episode 23


Recap: The team goes through their final prep work before assaulting the Tree using an ingenious mix of diversion and subterfuge.

I was expecting us to get right into the action, seeing as we did see a lot of planning in the previous episode. It would appear Tempest wanted to take some more time to let our characters air their final grievances before the battle starts. The scene between Hakaze and Yoshino was another example of the great writing that’s been a staple of this show, but it just seemed silly with hakaze in her bikini as they have this heart to heart. It just seemed like the entire hotel scene was an excuse to squeeze in some fanservice before we get to the point of no return where such things would be even more inappropriate.


Once again, the fight choreography was absolutely fantastic. If there was ever a time to compare this show to Death Note in its level of deception. It almost seems unfair though, seeing as there really isn’t an intellectual foe our heroes are besting here, just a bunch of chumps in destroyers. My favorite part was the Glittering Crux-esque outfits our normals wore as their costumes for taking down the research vessels. One would think they really don’t need to hide their identities

Obviously, the biggest shock comes right at the end. It’s ironic, magic has been such a constant in this show that when Yoshino was shot, I immediately thought, “Well, no big deal, I guess they’ll have to heal him soon though.” I’ve become so accustomed to the fact that magic exists that I forgot their entire purpose right now was to end magic forever. With nothing stopping Hanamura, and no other way to help Yoshino, it really appears that we might have a tragedy more befitting of Hamlet on our hands after all.


It’s been really exciting seeing everything draw to a close as we reach the end of this show. At the same time, I really do wish we could have spent more time with these characters. Because of its slow start, it hardly feels like we’ve even had these two seasons to get to know them. They have had some of the most well written and dynamic relationships of recent memory. Unfortunately, all things must end, and knowing Tempest, it’s going to be a great end of the ride.


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