One Week Friends Episode 9: Electric Rageloo



Yuki is still the worst student of all time, so everyone gets together once again to study. Well, except for Shogo. That dude is hypercompetent. After Kaori meets the new transfer student, some bullshit happens.

Only a show like this could get away with basically doing the same episode twice. There was a bit of a new twist on things, as we got a bit more character fleshed out of Saki and Shogo this time around. I’m pretty sure just giving her the notes, as she even stated, was a horrible way of motivating her to do better. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Saki’s airheaded behavior is real or simply some kind of facade. You could hear some of the things she says go both ways, either genuinely forgetful or malevolently lazy in order to avoid doing hard work. I doubt a show as saccharine as this could get away with such murky character development, it would make her much more interesting. Shogo once again showing himself to be the only sane man was fun for what that’s worth. Honestly, it feels like the show should be about him. He’s a powerful character that doesn’t let people push him around. I suppose he is set up as a perfect foil for Yuki, but it just highlights the alarming number of flaws in Yuki’s personality to have such a strong character associated with him.


Once again, I’m really disappointed in the old romance cliches One Week Friends has been trotting out on a frustratingly frequent basis. The worst part of it is having Kaori do a romantic gesture by accident once again. It’s seriously not funny, and just kills my mood so quickly to have her still act like a putz. She’s remembering Yuki, there’s no excuse for her to keep doing these things by accident. Yuki is equally to blame for continuing to be a total wuss. It was cute when the relationship started, but it’s time the show actually got on with it already. Either they commit to the romance or end it, the middle ground is just an annoying mess.


This ending was absolutely the worst direction One Week Friends could go in. Having this new transfer student be some massive PTSD catalyst is so hokey that it’s making my enjoyment of this show start to go into a nosedive. I’m not sure if I can handle the next episode or two being about Yuki having to slog back from square one. Unless the show manages to turn a 180 from this horrible development, it’s going to make watching the rest of the series really difficult.

4 thoughts on “One Week Friends Episode 9: Electric Rageloo

  1. You really think this wouldn’t happen, Marlin? I’m glad the show didn’t entirely forget about what made it interesting in the first place, and it’s actually nice to see some actual drama caused by Kaori’s affliction that cannot be solved by off-screen diary magic.

    Besides, I don’t think you can blame Kaori for just ‘accidentally’ being nice to Yuki. Who says she’s doing romantic gestures on purpose, or thoughtlessly? Why should she have to consider how Yuki, being the clingy creeper he is, would interpret her — by all means perfectly sane — behaviour? She’s just treating him as an important friend, blissfully unaware of his feelings for her; but I don’t think you can blame her for that. Unlike Yuki, Kaori can actually be friends with someone without having ulterior motives. She hasn’t known what friendship felt like for her entire life, why’d you expect her to be able to know Yuki totally has the hots for her?

    • I don’t see it that way at all. To me, the show was about Kaori slowly growing by opening up to others. Having her magically reset just seems like a cop out to force drama into the equation.

      As for her actions with Yuki, who just randomly brushes dust out of someone’s hair? Especially with how flustered every anime gets about physical contact, wouldn’t it be a stretch to say that that was totally innocent? Would you just brush the hair of someone you were close friends with without warning? It seemed more like a writing contrivance than anything wrong with the characters, honestly. Just because she’d never had friends or boyfriends, that doesn’t mean she should have some idea of the distinction. In the beginning she would constantly talk about things she wanted to do with friends. She obviously had some idea of what friendly interaction is like. Wouldn’t the same apply for romance?

  2. I feel like the ending could have been more powerful and sad if Kaori had been shown to have budding romantic feelings for Yuki (and maybe had a hint of some inner conflict about her feelings towards their friendship… or even just some awareness), instead of all the accidental romantic moments between them…

    The Shogo x Saki pairing also appears to be shaping up… But, I guess all the happy times had to come to an end, if only because the show needed something interesting to happen to keep the story going.

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