Durarara!! x2 Episode 6


Shizuo brings Akane, a Yakuza’s granddaughter, to Shinra’s house, unbeknownst that Celty has been given orders to retrieve her. Meanwhile, Mikado continues being pushed around by every troll roaming the streets and we learn more about the blonde biker who ‘decapitated’ Celty.

Random observations

A really talky episode of Durarara!! this week as we get through the reason why Celty was the victim of an attempted decapitation as well as why there’s some random loli running around. This quickly introduces us to assassin and Durarara!!‘s official objectified woman #3 Verona and her weirdo nameless pal. Honestly I got way more of a kick out of his constant and crippling need to know random trivia than her rote theories to their solution. I wonder if she’s another of Russia’s specifically numbered strongest assassins, although her name does not seem to imply that. Her partner, however, definitely seems a more likely candidate. It’s interesting to note that every Russian character has not gotten a title card in this season’s opening, even the ever lovable Simon. Whether that is on purpose or not we’ll have to see, as it seems next episode will take us to Mother Russia herself.


What was more interesting than that by leagues was the plot of the Dollars’ continuing approach towards 4chan levels of Anonymous behavior. It’s true that Mikado has never wielded true power over the Dollars, he merely has suggested things and then people have had the magnanimity to actually do them instead of telling him to fuck off or something. However, it’s inevitable the more people you group into anonymity the greater the chance they’re going to be total tools reaches 1. As Izaya states, there’s no clear rule saying people can’t do what they want. What could Mikado ever hope to do to stop the war he inadvertently helped create on his doorstep? Unless it’s from her connection to the Dollars I’m not sure who could possibly have a beef with Anri, but it would be interesting to see her have to shed her meek facade and fight for once, assuming she does at all at least.

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