JoJo: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 3-5


“The Nijimura Brothers”

Fridays at 12:30 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

Searching for the Bow and Arrow brings Josuke and Koichi to the residence of the delinquent Nijimura brothers, who have been using the artifact to create Stand-users for a mysterious purpose.

Iro’s thoughts

Did you expect Angelo’s mysterious school-uniform-clad benefactor to show up the very next episode? It’s pretty clear by now, but Diamond is Unbreakable is going to have a very different sort of pacing from Stardust Crusaders, despite keeping roughly with the monster-of-the-week format. Instead of a globe-trotting adventure, we’re going to be staying entirely in Morioh Town, tracking down the Stand Arrow as it changes hands. Spoiler: the unseen user of Red Hot Chili Pepper isn’t going to be our Big Bad. We’re only 5 episodes in, after all, and nobody in Part 4 quite has the same overwhelming presence Dio had to carry the entire arc.

jojodu4badcompanyAnyway, this time we meet the eponymous Nijimura brothers, one of whom will be joining the regular cast per shonen defeat-means-friendship rules and one who dies in a hilariously grisly manner per classic JoJo tradition. Their two Stands show more creativity than basically the entire first half of Stardust Crusaders, and should provide a decent picture for how DU is going to pan out. The Hand (or, ZA HANDO) gets comparatively less screentime, but we’re also going to see more of it with Okuyasu joining the crew. The ability to “erase space” is similar to Vanilla Ice’s Stand, Cream, but with the added effect of the world gluing itself back together afterward. I assume Araki thought it was a bit of a waste to retire a power so quickly.

We saw Stands start to stray away from purely humanoid “punch-ghosts” a bit in Part 3 with Oingo & Boingo, N’Doul, and Anubis, among others; Keicho’s Worse Bad Company is a bit of a half-step, being a bunch of tiny army dudes. It makes for a great visual, particularly since each army man shares the sort of weird, robotic look that some of Part 3’s Stands did. The battle is one of Part 4’s weakest, however, without any real back-and-forth and a somewhat odd conclusion. The amount of control that Josuke and Crazy Diamond have over the way things they punch reform is pretty variable over the course of the show, but making missiles reform and launch in a different direction rates low on the overall scale.

jojodu5rhcpAs for other new Stands, Koichi’s mysterious egg and the villainous, electric Red Hot Chili Pepper also showed up, but we can save those for when they get the spotlight. In fact, we should be getting a Koichi episode just next week. He’s maybe my favorite character in Part 4, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing his fights animated.


  • Daddy Nijimura being zombified by one of Dio’s flesh buds from Part 3 is a decent way to keep continuity, but maybe brings up a few more questions than necessary. Chiefly, there’s no reason given for why Crazy Diamond couldn’t “fix” him and they never bother to try.
  • One would assume Jotaro never told anybody that Star Platinum could stop time, so how would Red Hot Chili Pepper’s user know about it?
  • New characters are being continuously added to the ED, so one could reasonably assume that Koichi’s Stand will be added to the OP once it appears in-show.
  • Speaking of the OP, the characters who show up for the dancing bit at the end are about 12 episodes’ worth. I fully expect evolving credits as we move forward.

Gee’s thoughts

Bad Company is one of my favorite totally underrated Stands.

3 thoughts on “JoJo: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 3-5

  1. Koichi is also a JoJo fan favorite character. However, Josuke from part 4 is actually Araki’s personal favorite. I’m still unclear on how many episodes they planned to run, as part 4 is longer in terms of chapter count than part 3 but some of the stories (like next week’s episode) can be just compressed into one episode. Lets just say that Part 4’s ultimate villain is quite unlike ANY series final boss for JoJo.

  2. Ya i was a bit underwhelmed by how Josuke defeated Nijimura and had to replay the bit where he “detroyed” and redirected the missles that eventually ended the battle. Odd. Regardless I thought Bad Company was bad ass and really ups the stand level. Looking forward to see what comes outta that egg!

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