First Look: ēIDLIVE


Manga adaptation by Studio Pierrot
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Chuuta Kokonose is a perfectly ordinary middle school boy, except for as long as he can remember he’s been bugged by a strange voice in his head. Rather than seek medical attention , he’s instead conscripted by the secret space police force ēIDLIVE, who want him to capture an alien criminal to prove he’s up to the challenge of joining them.


Zigg’s verdict: Don’t Listen to the Voices

There’s nothing really wrong with ēIDLIVE per se, but there’s not really much that can be said in its favour either. It’s just kind of a plain, generic middle school fantasy, the kind we’ve seen thousands of times before an will see thousands of times again in the future. Chuuta himself is inoffensive (his penchant for knitting is a nice touch) but not really compelling and the show doesn’t really have anyone who takes it by the scruff of the neck and makes you sit up and pay attention. Like an awful lot of kid’s entertainment it seems stuck in a no man’s land between wanting to be irreverently silly and wanting to take proceedings seriously and the net result is something that’s not funny enough to be a comedy and not nearly dramatic enough to be interesting on a story level. The most outstanding thing about the show is probably the visuals, which show off some of the distinctive flare that Pierrot bought to Osomatsu, with particularly slick use of scene transitions. Other than that though this is pretty flat, uninspired stuff. If you’ve a hankering for a silly kids show, catch Time Bokan 24 instead.

One thought on “First Look: ēIDLIVE

  1. “There’s nothing really wrong with ēIDLIVE per se, but there’s not really much that can be said in its favour either.” – That kind of sums up the viewing experience. I’m kind of hoping it improves but that’s probably not a realistic hope.

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