First Look: Machikado Mazoku

Manga Adaptation by J.C. Staff
Streaming on Hidive


Yoshida Yuko is a meek girl in the grips of poverty (trust me, that is somehow relevant to the plot of this comedy) who is descended from a bloodline of demons. She has awakened the ability to revive her family’s true power, but first she must murder a magical girl.

Marlin’s verdict: This Anime is For Jerks

I’m not quite sure what I did to get on Aqua’s bad side this season, all of my shows have ranged from the hilariously terrible to the predictably bland. Machikado unfortunately landed on the latter side of the equation, a show with a premise that could work if it wasn’t for pretty much everything else surrounding it. It’s a comedy, but you’d fool me with the absolutely soulless delivery by which its characters execute every punchline. The entire show feels like getting pelted with a machine gun of peas, as if the director seemed to think a ‘quality over quantity’ strategy would win out not remembering that for comedy to work you usually have to give your audience time to, Idno, actually laugh? Instead each joke comes about two seconds after the last one with the enthusiasm of a wet fart. It doesn’t help that half the time jokes just seem to revolve around the fact that Yuko has grown up poor and starving and thus is short and has poor health. It’s the kind of show you’d expect to be a satire in a GTA game. With Takagi-san coming back this season, you have your choice for comedy covered, so feel free to give this a hard pass.

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